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uestions and issues may arise when you play Illarion, so we have created a list of relevant email addresses to which you can send your inquiries, reports, wishes and such. As there are quite a few people working on Illarion, we have divided the addresses into different categories, so that each mail is sent to the appropriate people.


Community Managers


ome players are known as "Community Managers" (CM). These players duties include assisting new players and also helping resolve issues and conflicts between players. They should be the first people to turn to for a non-technical issue that may arise.




amemasters help players, host events and keep the peace in the game. Gamemasters also run the ingame factions of Cadomyr, Galmair and Runewick. Thus, all requests that affect the game world should be directed to them.

  • Obsydien - English speaking GM for Cadomyr (US)
  • Silverwing - German speaking GM for Cadomyr (EU)
  • Slightly - English speaking GM for Galmair (EU)
  • Teflon - German speaking GM for Galmair (EU)
  • Bloodraven - German speaking GM for Runewick (EU)
  • Zephyrius - English speaking GM for Runewick (US)


Lead Developers


hese are the lead developers of Illarion and their responsibilities. The developers implement new features, run the game server and care for the homepage. Contact them especially if you want to join the development team of Illarion.


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