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Changes for learning runes

Runes will no longer be taught by simply reading a magic book. The striven for rune has to be given to the recruit with a spell by an experienced mage.

To the ?teacher?, a lot of expectations are made. Not only his knowledge about this certain rune has to be masterly, but also his general knowledge in cases of magic has to be outstanding as an instructor. His didactic abilities are expressed with the attribute of intelligence, high above the requirements of common mages.

Those spells, that powerfully transport the rune from teacher on to pupil, are strictly secret, to delve into those secrets is part of an instructor's proficiency certificate.

Also to the novice some expectations are made: He should have the ability to read and write and has to demonstrate this at the ceremony of the rune transfer by carrying the regalia of scribes.

written by Gork on 07. December 2003 01:54 pm


Account Stop the second !!

Sorry, but we still have big technical problems with our Accountmailer. Please send no new Account Requests or Add Chars. Thank you.
New start for the Accountsystem should be the 11th November 2003

written by Yakinmaster on 05. November 2003 05:45 pm


Account Stop !

Because of technical reasons we have to stop the account request from now until the 5th november.
Please don't send any requests for the following 5 days. Thanks

written by Yakinmaster on 31. October 2003 08:02 pm


Sobig-Worm (Virus)

One or more players, who's PCs seem to have the sobig-worm, had illarion-GM-adresses in their adress book.
Now, this worm sends emails that look like coming from illarion-GMs !

Title-examples that are typical for this worm :
"You send spam-mails (worm?)"
"Hey man, long not see you"
"New sobig-worm variation(Please Read)"

written by Damien on 31. October 2003 07:47 pm


Nothing is more constant than enduring change

Under this principle we try to develop Illarion. Many changes remain in darkness and stay unnoticed by the community.

In the near future we are going to make several small changes, that will be noticed by the players. Right now Illarion still is in its development-(alpha)-phase. So before you ask on the forum tomorrow, why this and that does not work or is working differently than before, try to clear this up within the game.

Also the current draught leaves its obvious traces. It is up to you, to find out which destiny the gods have in mind for Illarion.

written by Gork on 22. July 2003 06:26 am