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Nothing is more constant than enduring change

Under this principle we try to develop Illarion. Many changes remain in darkness and stay unnoticed by the community.

In the near future we are going to make several small changes, that will be noticed by the players. Right now Illarion still is in its development-(alpha)-phase. So before you ask on the forum tomorrow, why this and that does not work or is working differently than before, try to clear this up within the game.

Also the current draught leaves its obvious traces. It is up to you, to find out which destiny the gods have in mind for Illarion.

written by Gork on 22. July 2003 06:26 am


Account Application continues

The Account-Stop is lifted. From now on you can apply again.
Use the E-Mail-Address you entered for your charakter.
Supply reasonable names (see Account-Forum).

written by Gork on 06. July 2003 09:25 am


Short Account Application Stop

Until the end of this month i have to stop the Accountapplication, since i have to work through a small heap, that has accumulated, clean up the mailbox, which is a minor problem, since i have little time until the end of this month.

Any mails that arrive after this day, 16.06 will be deleted without a second glance if they are not answers to questions.

written by Gork on 16. June 2003 10:19 am


concerning adding charakters to existing accounts

Since we now have the means to recognize old accounts, it is now possible to add new chars to existing accounts.
Conditions are:
Use of the Requestformular
Use of the E-Mail of your existing Charakters
Further it will only be possible to add a limited amount of Charakters, in other words, dont overdo it.

written by Gork on 11. May 2003 12:40 pm



From now on it is possible again to apply for accounts. Alas it will take several days until you will get an answer, just as it now. There should be one (1) charakter only, which should also be confirmed just once per e-mail. Concerning names one should take a look at the lists at this link

written by Gork on 28. April 2003 08:22 am