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Seeing the difference

From now on, you can judge the quality and durability of tools, tool parts, weapons, armor and so on by looking at it. You might be slightly inaccurate doing that because of a lack of knowledge about that itemtype or because of your old eyes. Please report bugs, errors and so on either on the technical board or flyspray.

written by martin on 21. May 2005 10:18 am


Update of the Rules

The name- and game rules were extended and made clearer.

The rules correspond now to the usual ways of playing Illarion and should mean no change for most players.

New are the rules about emotes and considerateness. We ask for attention.

written by Estralis on 16. May 2005 05:40 pm


Carpentry re-installed

Carpentry is back - a new round of bug-hunting is opened (do not really hope so).

Some hints shall help:

Take the leading tool into your hands, keep all needed ressources in your belt.

For we lack of some graphics, we used similiar items or a major item from the production-step before.

I.e. we need a graphic of a pickaxe-head, so we took a iron-ingot instead.

For bug reporting please use our flyspray as requested before.

Have fun with our new carpentry.

BTW: Beside the smithing-Skill there appeared a "blacksmithing"-Skill during the last days. This skill only came from a bug so it will be wiped during the next days.

written by Falk on 16. May 2005 05:35 pm


Carpentery deactivated

The whole economical area of carpentery will be deactivated from now on. This part will be scripted new.
With the temporary deactivation we have to ensure that no longer users will no longer take advantage from those buggy scripts.

The duration of deactivation of this economic sector can't be predicted, but has to be included some days.

written by Falk on 13. May 2005 10:40 am


Bug tracking tool

We installed a bug tracking tool to more
effectively identify, track down, and remove all bugs
that we implemented earlier. We ask you, the players,
to participate in that, because the more users we have
informing us of what is wrong the faster we can

When reporting bugs, please make sure that the same
thing was not reported before. Please describe as
detailed as possible what is wrong and add comments if
you feel that an existing bug report does not cover
everything. If you are not sure whether something is a
bug or not, post that also.

written by martin on 11. May 2005 12:27 pm