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VBU chat

Fellow Illarionites,
a chat will be hosted on tuesday, 09/27/2011 at 20:00 GMT to discuss about non technical aspects of the "very big update", its conduct, contributions, wishes and possible obstacles.

Concrete content of the VBU is not to be adressed but general aspects ("How can I contribute?", "We need more XYZ before the release.", "What are the main goals?").

The chat will be moderated by the community managers as mediator between community and staff.

The chat will be hosted in the #illarion IRC chat on quakenet.

See ya!
GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 26. September 2011 02:24 pm


OpenSource TechTalk: Death consequences

Fellow Illarionites,
as most of you know, the Illarion client and the Illarion server code were published as OpenSource. This means everyone is free to take a look at the code and use it for other purposes.

This also grants us the opportunity to discuss directly about certain aspects of the game with the code being available for everyone.

Today (09/25/2011, 18:00 GMT), there'll be a public chat on the topic "Death consequences" in the IRC channel #illarion on Quakenet.

The functions "ReduceSkills" in Character.cpp and "PlayerDeath" in Player.cpp will be discussed, see:

Knowledge of the programming language is not mandatory if you want to improve the game.

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 25. September 2011 03:38 pm


Test your own easyNPCs

There are two news concerning development:

First of all, we have compiled a central list where you can see what fields of development there are, what is roughly done there and who the contact persons are. You can find this list as sticky posting on all of our forums.

Secondly, there is an additional feature which really helps you to develop NPCs using the easyNPC language: We enabled a public testserver-account for everyone to be able to easily and immediately test your NPC scripts on the real, actual VBU testserver using the real, actual VBU testclient! This can be done by everyone. For more information, have a look at this site:

Testing easyNPCs

written by martin on 21. July 2011 09:05 pm



The society of Illarion decided two weeks ago that parts of Illarion will be released as OpenSource.

The first step to do so is done now. A major part of the Java applications, excluding the resources (graphics, sounds, music) is released now under the GPLv3 license. So the sources of this applications are accessible for everyone from now on.

By doing so we hope to ease the process of introducing new developers to Illarion and hope to drag some new Developers to the game.

The current version of the Java applications are accessible using this link:
Link to the source code

written by Nitram on 18. June 2011 01:26 am


Insecure passwords

Fellow Illarionites,
I'd like to remind you on the importance of a secure password. Account theft is a serious issue and while Illarion seems to be rather unaffected by this issue to this day, it's not a reason to be careless.

Passwords protect not only your Illarion account, but also your email adress, your ebay account and sometimes your credit card. You don't want to get those hacked, do you?

A very short research on the passwords that are used for Illarion by active players yielded that many use insecure passwords like:

  • 123456

  • password

  • abc123

  • qwerty

  • illarion

Please review your password and ask yourself: Is it really secure? Insecure passwords, like names and existing words are a serious threat to your privacy!

A good password contains upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters and must not contain existing words. A length of 10 or more characters is recommended. A good password could be generated like this: Think about a catchy sentence and take the first character of each word, like "I want to buy 6 roses for Brat Pitt!". This yields. "Iwtb6r4BP!".

Stay safe,
GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 20. May 2011 12:17 pm