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New Launcher


during the last days there were some issues with the launcher application of Illarion. These problems are now resolved. Please fetch a new version of the launcher from the homepage. To do so simply click on "Start game" on the homepage.

written by Nitram on 29. June 2014 06:57 pm


New client version: 2.1.15

Hello Players,

It has been some time since the last release of the client was published. During this time a lot of things have changed in the client and now it's time for a new version.

Among the highlights of this new version is a fully new designed movement system. While the controls of the movement remain mostly the same, the mouse movement especially has been improved a lot. The client is now using its path-finding capabilities to determine a good path to follow the mouse. Not only the mouse movement got improved though. The controls in general got a lot of attention. Movement with the keyboard and even the targeting of enemies with the mouse got improved.

Player characters, monsters and NPCs are always displayed now, even when not in direct line of sight.

There were also a lot of bug fixes, especially for bugs that came up during the last weeks. The traders are now working again and the "You hear..." bug is resolved once and for all.

Furthermore there are some changes in the GUI. Skill progress is now displayed in the character window. In addition, the login screen got some attention and the displays for health, mana and food are now slightly larger.

Have fun playing.

written by Nitram on 28. June 2014 08:10 pm


Patch notes 20th of June 2014

Dear players,
Today's update releases a big number of changes. Tailors will benefit most from these changes.

Have fun!


  • On the homepage, the game rules were updated and merged with the Code of Conduct
  • The contacts page was updated
  • The wool regeneration of sheep was fixed
  • The milk regeneration for cows and sheep was fixed
  • Sheep now announce that their wool regrew with a loud "Baah!"
  • The number of sheep in the game was increased
  • The maximum wool per sheep was adjusted
  • Trap items were deactivated
  • Monsters get stalled briefly by their attacks
  • Dyes won't change their colour upon rotting anymore
  • The weight of filled buckets and dyes was increased
  • Producing thread out of sibanac leaves is not possible anymore
  • Bushes and trees that were harvested recently are shown as "empty"
  • Using an "empty" tree or bush gives a proper message now
  • More monster races were given hair: halflings, elves, orcs, and lizards.
  • Additional cycle texts and text triggers added to some NPCs.
  • Triggers for Repair NPCs were modified.
  • Text of tutorial NPCs for sand and clay digging were adjusted to match current game state.
  • A few adjustments to NPCs hair and beard IDs that were wrong.
  • Traps removed from maps, NPCs buy and sell lists, and from scripts.
  • Altars at the Temple of Sirani have been dedicated.
  • Desert hole has been cleaned of handles and loose sand, and rock is no longer stacked on bridges.
  • Minor map edits for bugs.
written by Estralis on 20. June 2014 08:24 pm


Patch notes 11th of June 2014

Dear players,
Right before the blood month Mas and the start of the new ingame year we prepared an update that affects various aspects of the game. Let's see what the Mas brings!


  • The display of date and time upon login was improved
  • An exploitable quest was fixed
  • The weight of several items was adjusted
  • Ash production yields two piles of ash for each log now
  • Campfires can be made under all circumstances
  • NPC Gerry Deloid was renamed to Gerald Deloid
  • Smelting merinium won't need pure fire anymore
  • Raw leather can be produced at a stretcher out of fur now
  • The number of hellhounds in mount Letma was reduced
  • Tax calculation from labour camp deliveries has been corrected
  • The bonus of magical gems is now displayed correctly
  • Agility is now the lead attribute of all armour skills
  • Strength is now the lead attribute of all melee skills
  • Grey cloth is needed to dye all other colours now
  • The names of magical gems and the gemcraft menu was capitalised
  • The names of some treasures were changed
  • To learn fighting skills, you have to compete with opponents of higher, equal or slightly lower level
  • Census NPCs updated
  • NPC tailor quests are updated to fit current game state
  • Human and dwarf monsters have been modified to include hair
written by Estralis on 11. June 2014 06:38 pm


Update: Quests and prices

Dear players,
Today's update contains the following improvements:

  • A hidden temple is now accessible via a little riddle
  • A small quest was added to the towns' book seller NPCs
  • A bug was fixed that when cutting entrails you required a license
  • More random monster texts were added to slimes
  • The NPC Saren Eisenfaust in Galmair was moved
  • The prices for teleporters, ferries and portal books were reduced
  • Upon login, the current date and time of the day is shown
  • Fixed a few quests and NPC texts.
  • Updated how some items are bought/sold.
  • New dungeons introduced for each realm for new character training
  • The volumes of items has been adjusted. Small items won't block archers anymore

Have fun!


written by Estralis on 01. June 2014 08:49 pm