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April joke

As the most of you already guessed, the charwipe was indeed an April Joke.


Many thanks go to Keikan for the serious posting, Martin for the nice Statistic, and GMcFly and the Boardmoderators for the friendly censoring of all your posts that contained the words "April" or "Joke".

written by Damien on 02. April 2004 06:09 pm


Charwipe and account reset

Due to the continued powergaming of several characters and the massive abuse of a temporal system weakness that allowed the multiplication of objects ( bars) and the maximising of skills (bugusing), we will do a complete Charwipe on the 01.04.04 at 0 o'clock server time.

Because of many player-complaints concerning the niveau of roleplay, we will use this possibility to delete all accounts.

The tests for giving out new accounts will then follow much harder methods. Every single player will then be invited for at least three roleplay-test-sessions on a chat-based system.

written by Damien on 01. April 2004 06:22 pm



Due to the updates of the last few weeks, we have been able to move certain items from our "to-do-list" to our "done-list".

They are:

  • Different weapons have different effects on monsters, i.e., arrows do not hurt skeletons, as they just fly between the bones, whereas a large axe will crush them

  • You can create magic items.

Furthermore, you all have probably noticed the changes in the fighting system. It was rebuilt from scratch. For that, my thanks go out to Dax, Falk vom Wald, Keikan, Magda, Serpardum and Shi'voc, who helped me with tips, hints, patience, tricks, testing, suggestions, and proposals.

Some of the new things are:

  • Introduction of a dodge skill

  • Critical hits

  • More logical and realistic procedure in fights, including the influence of skills, attributes, distance, encumbrance, and much more.

Have fun in Illarion!

written by martin on 29. February 2004 05:19 pm


English Player / GM Chat

On Sunday, February 29 20:00GMT (3:00 EST) we will hold the english Player/GM Chat on IRC. All players are welcome. Server: Channel: #illarion.

written by Damien on 24. February 2004 05:21 pm


New fighting system goes active !

The new fighting system, on which was worked for some time now, has been activated. Please look for gugs or flaws and report them.

The new fighting system is a little more complex and makes more sense than the old one.

written by Damien on 24. February 2004 12:49 am