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English Player / GM Chat

On Sunday, February 29 20:00GMT (3:00 EST) we will hold the english Player/GM Chat on IRC. All players are welcome. Server: Channel: #illarion.

written by Damien on 24. February 2004 05:21 pm


New fighting system goes active !

The new fighting system, on which was worked for some time now, has been activated. Please look for gugs or flaws and report them.

The new fighting system is a little more complex and makes more sense than the old one.

written by Damien on 24. February 2004 12:49 am


Player/GM Chat

We also plan to make player-GM-chat in english and therefore ask you to be patient. We will announce the time, when this will be held.

written by Yakinmaster on 10. February 2004 09:14 pm


RPG Guide

At the left navigation area you will find a new entry "RPG Guide". Please read this carefully!

The main point of Illarion is the roleplaying aspect. We want to describe this principle here to those, who don't know it yet. Also we hope to provide some useful hints to experienced roleplayers.

written by Alatar on 29. January 2004 02:44 pm


Player Statistics

Here they are - again. You get all the player statistics back with the design.

You'll find them at the information menu right above...

written by Alatar on 29. December 2003 05:57 pm