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New Sounds!

Since everybody is eagerly using the new help system already, I pulled some overtime to give you some new/old sounds. Those are:

  • trading
  • fine-smithing
  • shearing sheep
  • mining
  • cooking

Thanks for your help improving Illarion! Enjoy!

written by Vilarion on 18. September 2013 02:42 am


Client Hotfix

This hotfix fixes a client bug which prevented turning off music without disabling effects as well.

written by Vilarion on 18. September 2013 12:37 am


Content patch, client and server update!

Dear players,
Today we uploaded a big update. We updated to the new client version 2.1.10 and our new server version is It contains among other things:

  • Alchemy: Brewing consumes food from now on.
  • There is a new potion. You can learn it in Galmair, but not from the NPC.
  • The possibility of items' durability being damaged when fighting has been lowered.
  • Glassblowers have a new high level item.
  • We have added 6 new boots. Tailors (4 items), goldsmiths (1 item) and smiths (1 item) can produce them.
  • A lot of typos have been fixed.
  • Dagger handles can be produced by carpenters.
  • Values of some items have been adjusted.
  • Arena prices have been adjusted. Eager fighters also get rewards.
  • Dice cups now work properly.
  • Item information is now visible in the crafting menu.
  • Carpenters have a new high level concussion weapon.
  • It is now possible to warp to new players to help them out.
  • A bug blocking bag slots was resolved.
  • The talkto GM command now provides feedback.
  • Item tool tips now show armour/weapon type and level.
  • There is a new option to enable old movement (arrow up = move north).

    Have fun with the new content!
written by Niki on 17. September 2013 11:16 pm


Reminder: 24th Illarion RL meeting


The 24th Illarion RL meeting in Germany takes place in about 3 weeks. This meeting is the chance for all those who want to get to know the players behind the characters and the developers of Illarion personally.

It's still possible to register for one of the last spaces at the meeting. Details on the board.

written by Nitram on 17. September 2013 11:02 am


Trouble in the Desert

Taking advantage of a myriad of factors the dwarves from Hammerfall execute a building project to better protect their fortress. Cadomyr's focus being elsewhere, scouts have only recently discovered these alarming constructions. For now, Cadomyr keeps this discovery internal. Trusted advisors and the heads of the army have been contacted.

written by Revan on 13. September 2013 01:48 pm