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Cadomyr Prepares for Battle

All craftsmen and capable people meet in the marketplace to make preparation for battle and further protect the lands of Cadomyr! We will be building and moving so come ready for work!

Quest Calendar

written by Revan on 19. September 2013 03:17 pm


Dragons Call No. 28

New Dragons Call

Topics this time:

  • Pincer movement
  • Cadomyr occupied
  • Harvest festival
written by Djironnyma on 19. September 2013 12:03 pm


Client Hotfix

The latest hotfix resolves a bug, which prevented the client configuration to be saved on linux under certain conditions.

written by Vilarion on 18. September 2013 09:12 pm


New Sounds!

Since everybody is eagerly using the new help system already, I pulled some overtime to give you some new/old sounds. Those are:

  • trading
  • fine-smithing
  • shearing sheep
  • mining
  • cooking

Thanks for your help improving Illarion! Enjoy!

written by Vilarion on 18. September 2013 02:42 am


Client Hotfix

This hotfix fixes a client bug which prevented turning off music without disabling effects as well.

written by Vilarion on 18. September 2013 12:37 am