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New client version (

Dear Illarionites,

earlier today we released another version of the Client that contains a small bugfix.

You noticed the problem that the tooltips for items did not work anymore inside of buildings. This problem is now fixed.

written by Nitram on 24. June 2013 12:03 pm


New client (2.1.6) and new server version (

Dear Illarionites,

just now we released a new version of the server and the client.

The client contains mainly bugfixes and a few new features.

The switches of map levels got improved in the client. Those are a lot faster now than they were before. Furthermore the light calculation and the details tooltip of items now work on all visible levels.

The bugfixes are mainly solving bugs that were reported by the automated bug reporting system. The client should start and run a lot more reliable now.

The new feature implemented in the server and the client is the automated picking up of items. There are two possible ways to use this feature. FFirst you can drag an item from the map onto the avatar of your character. Doing so will put the item into your inventory or your bag. The second method is to press the button in the inventory or press the hotkey "P". In this case all items in range of the character will be picked up and placed in your inventory.

In addition to that the placement of items on the map got improved. It's now possible to place an item on a table by dropping it on the surface of the table instead of the legs of the table (however, dropping at the legs still works).

written by Nitram on 23. June 2013 09:55 pm


Recruiting new Gamemaster

Dear Illarionites,

since Firefly and Face both took their leave, we are now looking for a new English-speaking Gamemaster. If you are interested, you can find instructions on how to apply on our boards.

written by Vilarion on 22. June 2013 08:31 pm


New Contact Information

Dear Illarionites,

the contact page has been adjusted to reflect latest changes inside the staff:

  • Semtex replaces Face as GM for Galmair
  • Estralis is just working as lead content developer now
  • Skamato left the CMs to join the GMs, replacing Estralis
  • Slightly is the latest addition to our team, replacing Skamato as CM

written by Vilarion on 19. June 2013 05:24 am


Make your ideas count

Players now have the opportunity to contribute to the game's development through a Proposal Board on the forum. Come and tell us your ideas that you think could improve the game and feel free to discuss those suggested by others.

written by Dandelion on 16. June 2013 01:24 am