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New Contact Information

Dear Illarionites,

the contact page has been adjusted to reflect latest changes inside the staff:

  • Semtex replaces Face as GM for Galmair
  • Estralis is just working as lead content developer now
  • Skamato left the CMs to join the GMs, replacing Estralis
  • Slightly is the latest addition to our team, replacing Skamato as CM

written by Vilarion on 19. June 2013 05:24 am


Make your ideas count

Players now have the opportunity to contribute to the game's development through a Proposal Board on the forum. Come and tell us your ideas that you think could improve the game and feel free to discuss those suggested by others.

written by Dandelion on 16. June 2013 01:24 am


Strife between the Towns

A citizen of Galmair replied to the latest allegations in the Dragon's Call.

Join us in game and judge for yourself who speaks the truth!

written by Dandelion on 15. June 2013 05:41 pm


Dragons Call No. 16

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:
Galmairs game with dark forces
The 40th year

written by Djironnyma on 14. June 2013 11:30 pm


Content- and map Patch

Dear Illarionites,

today the following changes to game content and the map have been activated on our server:

  • Galmair and Runewick have now an arena.
  • The bridges between the towers in Runewick were changed.
  • The teleporter and the fields of Runewick got moved.
  • You now get a message in the alchemical recipe creation if you cannot add an other ingredient to the recipe.
  • Treasures are now digger independent. It won't get lost when the user logs out. There is now a counter for treasure maps you successfully hunted, including a new high scores list.
  • Minor changes on some monster spawns
  • Daily chance to find pure elements in the Elstree Forest
  • Numila, Lotta, Ruzuss and Wulfgorda have information regarding pure elements in Elstree Forest
  • Numila, Lotta and Ruzuss got additional newbie-quests

written by Zot on 09. June 2013 08:38 pm