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Labeled bags

From now on it is possible to label leather bags with a shortcut of three lower case letters. To do so just type the command !bag xyz (where xyz is the disired shortcut) and after that use the bag with shift+click. With using the command !bag you can remove the label again. Labeling bags is only possible if the bag is serving as backpack or placed on the ground.

Merry Christmas

written by Vilarion on 23. December 2005 01:36 pm


Another minor update

Our developers worked hard to provide some improvements for the game:


From now on, we have keys to open doors and gates and to lock them. The keys are given to the characters in question currently. Please note that these items do exist now, thus, they can be stolen, traded, lost...


Mining was improved again. To keep the balance, some things were made easier, some were made harder:

There are just 6 mines left where one can find ressources, all of them are underneath the surface.

Every mine has some sort of "topic" (Iron ore, copper, coal,...).

Rocks crumble if hit too often by a pickaxe, they recover slowly.

The time needed to mine was increased, it depends on the skill.
Higher rates of success.

written by Estralis on 16. December 2005 01:34 am


New NPCs

With immediate effect there are new traders on our island. Some of the old traders have also changed a little. Have fun with trading!

written by martin on 17. November 2005 10:33 pm


Minor update

The mining of ore, coal and gems was reworked and improved. Now there are well defined mines where you can fetch these resources. Therefore you should not wonder that you can't mine in the middle of Troll's Bane any longer.

written by martin on 06. November 2005 10:09 am


Woodchoppers of the world, unite!

We introduced a new lumberjacking system today. Chopping down a tree and gaining wood from it is now done in two steps:

First, the tree has to be cut down, afterwards you have to chop wood from the now cut down tree. The amount of wood you gain will depend on your ability to swing your axe.

You can also influence the directin in which a cut down tree will fall. You'll surely find out how soon, and keep in mind: A tree falling on your head will cause bad headache!

However, gaining wood from the cut down stem works just like cutting down trees before.

written by martin on 02. November 2005 02:57 pm