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Two new gamemasters

The Illarion team was enlarged by two new gamemasters, Rinya and Papoitsi. They will take care of ingame affairs like quests mainly.

written by Estralis on 17. August 2005 12:56 pm


Minor server update

We just completed a minor serverupdate which only affects scripts.

A lot of changes were made concerning cooking, smithing, mining, brewing and nearly all other crafts.

If you encounter any (new) bugs don't hasitate to post them on flyspray.

We are gratefully thanking our new scripters who support the team actively.

written by martin on 01. August 2005 10:01 pm


Deletion of old chars

Due to the switch to a new hardware server we made a char wipe last May. We kept a list of your char names, so you were and are still able to use your old char name at the new server again. This list will be DELETED at the END of 2005!
Furthermore we will delete at the end of 2005 all accounts which weren't used from 07/01/2005 until 12/31/2005 to clean up the database. To avoid this, just login with one of your characters during this time.

written by Alatar on 26. July 2005 01:12 pm


New board structure

The board structure was changed in order to reduce the number of (unused) boards.

written by Estralis on 19. July 2005 04:36 pm


Account system working again

The bug in the account system was removed.

written by martin on 17. July 2005 05:43 pm