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News from Illarion

Dear players,
the Illarion staff is glad to announce various news and changes. Our developers succeeded in getting rid of three critical bugs. Those bugs caused the recent instability of the server. One of those bugs was responsible for 70% of the server crashes of the past year. We hope that the server runs stable from now on and that you have fun playing Illarion.

Furthermore, many changes were done on the scripts that influence the game, small and big ones alike. In the past week alone, 400 of such changes were done. A new feature that will be the offspring of amazing adventures are treasures. Rumor says that rare treasure maps guide the way to the riches, but beware! Treasures of gold and gems might be guarded.

GM Loralyn has left the staff. We would like to thank GM Loralyn for her work and her effort. We welcome GM Zuikden as a new gamemaster. GM Zuikden will take care of small quests that make our game so interesting. Also, our developers welcome a new recruit, Suteki will support the staff from now on.

Soon, a new rule will be published. This rule will deal with the available races of Illarion. We try to keep the number of rules as small as possible so that unnecessary restrictions do not limit the game too much. In this case, we want you to regard the background of Illarion as obligated. Also, we want to remind you on the current server rules. In special, two rules were "over-looked" by some players recently. It is strictly forbidden to abuse bugs for ones own favour. In special, unallowed multiplication of items resulted in some characters now being as poor as ronagan-temple-mice. Also, we have to remind you that you have to inform the staff immediatly when more than one player plays with the same internet connection (e.g. common wireless LAN, network in a dormitory, …). Otherwise, our automated multi account tracer assumes that both accounts belong to one player and both accounts are banned.

An article about Illarion was featured on, a german portal for virtual worlds and MMORPGs. We hope that many new roleplayers will find their way to Troll’s Bane.

We also hope that in future, other independent sites report about Illarion and the number of players rises. Taking this into account, we’d ask you to welcome new players and to show them the hooks. A newbie island will be introduced soon, so that the startup of the game becomes easier.

~GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 07. October 2007 09:49 pm


A new gamemaster

The Illarion-staff proudly presents a new recruit. GM Noradur will take care of quests and other ingame affairs. He will support the staff to the best of his ability. GM Noradur speaks german and english fluently, details how to contact him will be published soon:

Welcome Noradur, may the Five and the Eleven be with thee!


written by Estralis on 16. September 2007 08:56 pm


Server availability

Greatnet informed us that the server could be offline tomorrow (11.09.2007) between 04:30 and 06:00 (GMT+1), due maintenance work.

written by Nitram on 10. September 2007 02:43 pm


Problems with the E-Mails solved

The problems with the E-Mail transmitting in the last days are solved now.

The activating mails for game and board account are transmitted as usual now.

written by Nitram on 29. August 2007 11:31 am


Problems with the E-Mails

Currently there is the problem that our server is unable to transmit E-Mails.

The registration for the game and the board is a little harder due this fact. As long as this problem is not fixed the accounts have to be enabled by hand. This will happen as fast as possible.

We ask for appreciation for this necessary delay.

written by Nitram on 25. August 2007 12:03 am