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Addendum to overview

The halfling cake festival got postponed to the 24th of October. Check the new time on the online player list!

GM Mesha

written by Mesha on 17. October 2009 05:00 pm


Bi-weekly overview!

These coming two weeks we have the following events:

17th of October
-Cake Festival at Greenbriar! Many fun events, along with cake eating and, from what I gather, onionball! Catch up with this all time classic.
-For the lizards under us: A meeting at the gate to their most holy temple

24th of October
-The quest with the Salkamaerian Prince continues! Get your siege-weaponry out and defend Troll's Bane. Or sneak out to meet with the Prince, of course.

I hope the coming two weeks will prove amusing to you all, and don't be afraid to list your events with the questplanner on the online player list.

Check the quest-listing on the online-player list for the times of these events!

GM Mesha

written by Mesha on 16. October 2009 12:22 am


3 GMs leaving

Sadly we have to announce that three GMs are leaving the team of Illarion. Namely those GMs are Felidae, Omnia and Velask.
Sadly it turned out that they were not able to fill the position of a GM in the wanted way.

How ever we thank them for the work they invested to Illarion.

The current Quest GM Team now consists of:

  • Alsaya
  • Mesha
  • Naerwyn

The seer team got not changed and so it still consists of:

  • Arien Edhel
  • Estralis Seborian
  • Vaun
  • Zak

To avoid additional questions I want to add that it is not planned to introduce new GMs some time soon.

written by Nitram on 14. October 2009 12:06 am


New Forum design

The design of the forum got changed today so its a little closer to the design of the homepage.

The thanks for this changes goes to Benelth. We hope that you like the forum in its new style.

written by Nitram on 09. August 2009 05:12 pm


More atmosphere!

Everyone can help to improve a little bit the atmosphere in Illarion.

Just check out the Wiki article.

written by pharse on 23. July 2009 01:16 am