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Player-GM-Chat: Tutorial island

Today, at 7 pm GMT (1 pm CST) an open discussion about the development of an upcoming tutorial island will take place.

To partizipate, join the IRC-channel #illarion_tutorial on quakenet. If you don't know how to do this, refer to this topic on the forum:

written by Estralis on 04. March 2007 01:46 pm


Possible Servershutdown

Its possible that the Illarion Server is unavaiable tomorrow (13th of February 2007) from 7:00 GMT, since the electric energy in the TU Vienna is shutted down due technical reasons.

Its unsure if the Server of Illarion is influenced by this too, or not.

So if the server is not online tomorrow, don't spread panic.

written by Nitram on 12. February 2007 07:41 pm


Merry Christmas

The staff of Illarion wants to wish all players of Illarion merry christmas and reflective days.

We also want to say thank you to all the players of this game. There were ups and downs in Illarion. Although you stand all in all with the gamemasters, developers and other helpers. Without you, the players of Illarion, it wouldn't be possible to make Illarion what it is today. We made it, to play nearly 6 years pretty good roleplay.

Merry Christmas

written by Nitram on 24. December 2006 08:47 pm


!bag function extended

Right now I extended the !bag function. Now you can use it to save a 10 character label with each bag. To do this just say "!bag mylabel" (without quotes and substituting mylabel with your label) and afterwards simply use the bag. Note that the bag must be on the floor in front of you or located on your back as backpack. Enjoy! :)

written by Vilarion on 07. December 2006 11:24 pm


Multi-drop/skillloss-bug solved

This enerving bug has been solved with the last server update. Its effect was that a killed character used to lose skills and items repeatedly in short intervals. Now this will work as intended.

written by Vilarion on 14. October 2006 11:51 am