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easyNPC Editor

In order to make the use of the easyNPC language even more easy, a tool was developed to work with this language.

It is an editor with an integrated parser for this language that replaces the parser you find on the homepage. It includes some handy features and a more advanced parser than the one of the hompage. Have a look!

Illarion easyNPC Editor


written by Estralis on 09. August 2010 08:58 pm


Update on the update

Fellow Illarionites,
as most active players might know, the Illarion team is currently working on a non incremental update to Illarion. This update will affect all aspects of the game.

We thank you for your patience and we aim at releasing this update in this year. Here are some highlights that await you:

  • A brand new client with state of the art GUI
  • New graphics for characters and monsters that support paperdolling, made from scratch
  • Fixing of all known bugs
  • Dozens of new dungeons
  • Dozens of new NPCs and quests
  • Complete redesign of trader NPCs, crafting processes, fighting and monsters

Please note that we cannot do any changes except for bugfixes on the current state of the game or the maps at this moment.

Also, we prompt you to request new features or rebalancing of features at the Mantis system. Especially small issues that spoil your fun should be reported as soon as possible so we can include them into the update.

~GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 09. June 2010 03:37 pm


Music of Oganalp Canatan

Fellow Illarionites,
the composer and singer of the band Neverland, Oganalp Canatan, has agreed to compose music for Illarion.

The quality of his work exceeds everything we know and might make Illarions music become a beacon among free roleplaying games.

Please visit his homepage to see examples of his work.

We are very glad to get support of this calibre for Illarion.

~GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 12. May 2010 02:15 pm


Is it a feature or is it a bug?

Fellow Illarionites,
"Is it a feature or is it a bug?" - to make such things clear, we gave the Mantis bugtracker an overhaul and a new structure.

From now on, we'd like to ask you kindly to report any problems with the game in the project "Bug reports", only. You don't have to sort in your report into the categories Client, Server,... anymore. Without knowing about the architecture of Illarion, you can submit your bug reports immediately. We'd like to ask you to write your reports as detailed as possible.

Furthermore, the Illarion staff will use Mantis from now on as project management tool. That means that we'll coordinate all development work with Mantis to let other developers know about the progress of individual projects.

In this context, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to submit your elaborated and detailed(!!!) proposal how to change existing features or suggestions for new features. For this, please use the project "Feature request". Please be aware that we need detailed informations to realize a feature. "Make Illarion 3D and implement horses!" is not a proposal.

We'd be happy if you use this way only to submit your proposals directly to the development process of Illarion!

written by Estralis on 10. May 2010 08:39 pm


Change in GM staff and other news

Fellow Illarionites,
as you might have read on the forum, the GM team lost three of its members recently. GMs Naerwyn, Alsaya and Zak won't swing the trowel anymore.

The whole Illarion team thanks the three for their awesome work during the past years. Each of them gave the game a direction and future developments will still benefit from their legacy.

Thus, the GM team consists of the following members:

  • Arien Edhel
  • Estralis Seborian
  • Flux
  • Mesha
  • Randnar
  • Vaun
  • Zot

The whole Illarion team still works on a big update that will influence all aspects of the game. Recently, new developers for game content were added to the development team.

In addition, we're searching for skilled programmers, graphics artists and sound experts. For this purpose, we started searching for candidates on external boards. One exampel can be reviewed here:

We hope that we can hire new developers for Illarion this way to improve Illarion technically.

written by Estralis on 30. April 2010 01:18 pm