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New client version (2.0.5)

Fellow Illarionites,

todays update effects the weather updates especially. The should require slightly less performance of your computer now.

Furthermore the rain effect was altered. Some players said they get dizzy in case they walk around with their character in heavy rain. We hope the changes help to avoid or at least reduce this effect.

written by Nitram on 07. January 2013 11:19 am


New client version (2.0.4)

Fellow Illarionites,

again there was a new version of the client published today.

The most notable change is that you're able to sell items from your inventory now as well as from the belt and equipment slots.

Furthermore an annoying bug was resolved that crashed the client once clicking into an empty slot of an item container (bag, depot).

written by Nitram on 06. January 2013 10:46 am


Another day, another update

Fellow Illarionites,

like the last days, we released another update this morning.

The most important update to the client effects the crafting dialog this time. It shouldn't damage the rest of the GUI anymore. So you now should be able to use the crafting and still use the chat box after this.

Furthermore the color of the NPC names got altered. They should be more easily readable now.

This update also effects the launcher application of Illarion. It should now work better with MacOS X.

written by Nitram on 05. January 2013 10:20 am


Neues Update (Client, Server, Scripts)

Fellow Illarionites,

Just now a update was published that improves Illarion further.

On the server side we fixed a error that caused problem while saving the character. This error caused that player character lost their items and logged in at different placed then they logged out.

The client got a improved behaviour of the mouse movement. While the character is running towards the mouse, it has the limited ability to avoid obstacles along the way. We hope that the mouse movement becomes a little easier this way. Also we changed the color of the name tags of the characters. They do not depend on the characters equipment anymore, but on the type of the character. Player characters are shown yellow, NPCs are shown blue and monsters are shown red.
Furthermore we improved graphical user interface together with void, the developer of the Nifty-GUI. This should improve the speed the GUI elements appear on the screen but exspecially it should improve the mouse interaction with the GUI. The problem that many players were not able to use any items in the inventory or the bag should be gone now.

In the server scripts the usage of buckets and bottles got improved. Filled buckets are now stackable. For the smokers among the characters we got good news as well. The pipes are working again. Besides this there are many small bugfixes mainly for the crafts. Also the monsters appearing during gathlering items got rebalanced.

written by Nitram on 04. January 2013 03:23 pm


Bugtracker Mantis

Fellow Illarionites,

As you know we still have some bugs in the game.
If you wish to help us and want these bugs removed in the near future, then please help us by using our bugtracker mantis.

A guide for its usage is here: Mantis Guide

If you have general feedback (like: "Runewick is great!" or "I don't like teleporters!") then go on and post them in our forum.

written by Skamato on 04. January 2013 02:33 pm