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Game content and client update

Dear Illarion players,

Today's update brings you the following new features:

  • All chickens have a small chance of dropping feathers now.
  • Fish Fillet Dish was renamed Trout Fillet Dish.
  • Raw steaks are no longer able to be made from pork. The price of Raw Steak and Grilled Steak have been adjusted to be in line with other meat prices.
  • NPC Ssiguss has been added east of Galmair, offering a non-hunting quest.

The following updates were made to the client:

  • A new button to toggle the minimap has been added. This can also be done with the 'M' hotkey.
  • A button to access the logout dialogue has been added. This can also be accessed with the 'esc' hotkey.
  • Changing the volume of music and sounds will take place immediately.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

Have fun!

written by Merung on 12. October 2015 08:15 pm


An update for the quest with the so-called Fire Demon

Dear people haunted by the fire demon,

Today's update brings a feature to progress the quest with the so called "Fire Demon", the burnt skeleton loved by everyone. The exact content of the update is a secret, of course! Will you find out to what fiery deeds he is up to?

Have fun and don't get burnt!

written by Merung on 07. October 2015 01:38 pm


Update of the game content and the map

Today there was a update of the game content and the map of Illarion.

These are the changes:

  • NPC Hummi Olaficht's information was updated for crafting changes made in game to date.
  • Feathers are now bought and sold at NPCs that buy and sell animal products.
  • The Oldra altar that was incorrectly dedicated to Ushara in Sentry Forest has been fixed.
  • Torch selling in Runewick has been fixed.
  • Campfires will now injure a player if they are stepped on.
  • All harbours are now connected with each other, thanks to the opening of the new canal.

Have fun in Illarion.

written by Nitram on 11. September 2015 11:29 am


And we are back.


the forums are back, updated and fully operational.

There was no data loss. All posts and avatars are still around.

Have fun in Illarion.

written by Nitram on 13. August 2015 07:48 pm


Update of the board software


today we tried to update our forum software. The main reason for that is that the software was really old and did require an update to get rid of all the security issues.

The Update however failed… hard. For that reason the board is not working right now. The database is not affected by the problem, but we are not sure what happened to things like the avatars.

We will report as soon as we know more.

In the meantime I suggest you spend the time you can't spend lurking in the forum, by playing Illarion!

written by Nitram on 13. August 2015 01:53 pm