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Update March 2020

Dear Illarionites,

Today's update is a small one.

  • The calculation of repair prices has been simplified.
  • The Elara priest NPC has been moved to the correct location.
  • The quests of Maelyrra Umrielyth are now clearer.
  • Glyph shards can be remove from amulets.
  • Additional functions for gamemasters have been added.

Have fun,

written by Merung on 01. March 2020 02:00 pm


Update February 2020

Dear Illarionites,

after quite some time, we are happy to announce the release of our latest update to Illarion. The most important changes and new features:

  • A new devotion system
  • Ingame bulletin board
  • Map changes around the Hemp Necktie Inn

For more details and a complete list of changes, see the related milestone on Github.

Also, we recently rolled out an update to the development client. If you would like to test these new features, select the development client in the options of the Illarion launcher.


  • Adding turn-to-target movement handler
  • Making alt-click to turn-to instead of walk-to for tile, item and avatar
  • Make 'F' key attack nearest monster, 'Shift-F' to stop attacking
  • In-game help for 'F' key
  • In-game help for Alt+Click
  • Added licence notice to newly added files
  • Made alt+double-click use items and chars if in use-range
  • Minor additions to in-built help
  • Update client credits
  • Fixed paths for installer bundle
  • Fixed URL to Illarion
  • Updated embedded java version
  • Add license
  • Added memory pools to reduce garbage collector pressure for better performance (special thanks to JuKu for these commits)
  • Improved memory usage, removed memory leak

Have fun,

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written by Estralis on 13. February 2020 01:46 pm


Tool descriptions

Dear players,

From now on, hand tools and static tools will show a brief description on their use. We hope this will make the start into the adventures of Illarion more smoothly for new players.

Have fun

written by Estralis on 28. November 2019 07:39 pm


Illarion Community Poll 2019

Dear Illarion Community!

The dev team has prepared this small poll to get your opinion about several topics that were discussed by players and the team recently. We will also ask some questions about you and your computer. As always, you are free to answer only the questions you want. We will use the results of this poll to help us decide on our next development and ingame actions.

Click here to start the poll!

Thank you!

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written by Estralis on 28. July 2019 03:39 pm


New local server

Fellow Illarionites,

we have applied two patches to the local server and released a description how to use the local server.

Have fun testing!


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written by Estralis on 26. July 2019 06:52 pm