The Age of Isolation


ire, the world is on fire!

It's burning in his heart, and filling him with pain.
It's giving him the warmth of terror to reign.

Breathing the mortal's heat, draining the mortal soul.
To fill him with their warmth and make his life whole.

He drinks the heated blood, essential taste of life.
It rushes in his veins gives him the madman's drive.

Slipping into living flesh, gliding into the brain.
Playing there with thoughts and will, to keep a steady drain.

Fire, the world for sure is on fire.

He's walking through the flames, they greet him in anticipation.
Expecting him to build his own dark doomed creation.

Destruction he will spread, in seeking his old treasure.
The pain his arm will bring, will be without measure.

Recorded by Norogan Wainaught

Although the Gods never again raised a hand against one another, their struggles had nurtured immense distrust and war still ravaged the lands. The Younger Gods sought to solve conflict through smaller, tactical wars and endless discussions but suspicions were rife amongst the mortals. Despite Moshran being imprisoned deep underground, his foul intentions continued to prosper on the surface. After such bitter years of war the races preferred to stay amongst their own kind. Most of the great cities of old and other places once inhabited by all races were destroyed and no attempt was made to rebuild them. Some races fought each other and even during times of peace the ever present scourge of war threatened the lands.

Some hundred years later the chained Moshran escaped from his cell. Although it was clear someone had aided him, his three servants denied any involvement. Rumours spread that Nargùn and Cherga had broken his chains, although their reasoning remains unclear. Protected by his faithful servants, Moshran searches for the precious artefacts he claimed as his own. Still tainted by evil he yearns the power of the sword and armour of Madrook Na'han to exact his revenge.

As the God of Blood and Bones came to walk the lands again the Age of Isolation drew to a close.