The Age of Responsibility


till mindful of the devastation wrought during the Age of Discord and now with the threat of Moshran returned, the Gods realised their vow to never again raise a hand against another of their own kind would not be enough to bring peace amongst the mortals. In an attempt to protect their creations from self-annihilation the Gods created seven gems of immense magical power. All but the diamond, which remained under the watchful guardianship of the Gods themselves, were bequeathed secretly to a faithful representative of each of the races.

Nothing is known of the first custodians of these gems but as is often the way of mortals, secrets do not last for long and over the years many rumours emerged. Some were driven to madness by the power bestowed on them, whilst others were betrayed by those closest to them. Jealousy, greed and treachery have fuelled a constant struggle for power. As some gems passed between kin, others fell forgotten with their warden or were snatched by conquerors. Thus, in a new age, our destiny lies with these precious stones and their guardians.