The Age of Discord


espite Brágon's hope, Moshran succumbed to his desire for revenge. Secretly, Moshran created three immortal beings, naming them Dragorog, Bjolmur, and Cherass. Bound to him, he gave these creatures immense, almost god-like powers and taught them much knowledge.

Driven by an unbearable need for power, Moshran sought the remains of the once mighty army of Madrook Na'han. He found the demon-like creatures, eyeless beasts and other unspeakable horrors lurking deep underground. They answered his command, recognising within him the power and voice of their former master. As their numbers multiplied Moshran released them upon the mortals, even against the orcs, drawing protest from the other Gods.

For the first time Moshran's three protégés entered the fray, seizing land and conquering people, disregarding the realms of the other Gods. Moshran managed to cut off Tanora's power over some of the few bodies of water in his lands, before she recognised the threat and protected all other waters. Zhambra, Irmorom and Malachín tried to talk Moshran from his path to destruction but he laughed at their pleas and called forth his three creatures and their corrupted armies. Drawn into battle against four strong enemies, eventually Zhambra, Irmorom and Malachín were driven to retreat.

Moshran's influence was quickly expanding and as ever might and victory had their followers. Humans in particular began to pledge their loyalty once more to Moshran. Propagating mistrust amongst the races, prejudice and hatred grew to divide the civilisations. While Moshran's hordes were busy building strongholds underground to spread terror on the surface, the other Gods convened to discuss what should be done. A number of mortals chosen by the other Gods were strengthened and trained in battle. Rising up to defend themselves armies of different races battled Moshran's creatures. As ever war brought great advances, not least the discovery of many powerful runes, as each rival sought to gain the upper hand.

Brágon realising his mistake returned to the mortal plane, bringing with him noble and mighty dragons. With war ravaging the lands he offered the support of his dragons in hope of restoring order. Fire erupted as dragons swept overhead, the mortal armies clashing with Moshran's hordes below, pushing them back. In a final battle Malachín duelled Moshran, their raging power shattering the surrounding lands. As their master faced defeat, Moshran's three servants were forced to flee. Dragorog did not leave, however, without stealing the eggs of one of Brágon's dragons.

Even in defeat Moshran remained defiant, convinced of his right to be master of all. Imprisoned by the other Gods, he was chained in a cell deep beneath the surface Moshran raged as the armour and sword of Madrook Na'han were seized. Tanora took the cursed armour deep into her watery realm, sealing it beneath the ocean. Likewise, Elara was charged with hiding the great sword beyond the reach of any other. Without these powerful artefacts Moshran would be unable to regain the destructive force he once controlled, and perhaps in time that evil would lose influence over him. It was still hoped that someday he would recover and return to his old self.

With the war over, much of the territory taken was regained, but victory had cost many lives. Moshran's three followers retreated back into hiding. The lands were left devastated with only a few surrounding islands habitable for many years to come until the plants and animals returned to the wastelands. The Gods swore an oath to never again raise a hand to one of their own kind or be drawn into battle themselves. Recognising the theft of his dragon's eggs, Brágon left some under the guardianship of Tanora and the Younger Gods before once again he departed.

As the Age of Discord came to an end, a new suffering came with the Age of Isolation.