very astonishing race are the lizardmen. They are a little smaller than the average human, walk on two legs, with a strong tail to add balance and agility when running, jumping or swimming. Their anatomy is astonishing : they seem to be reptiles, but instead of being cold–blooded, their body can somehow change between being cold–blood and warm–blood state. This flexibility, in addition with their tough, greenish or brownish lizard skin, their strong teeth and muscles, has allowed them to dwell in different places. Another astonishing thing is their ability to breath water. This may be a result of the lizard's main goddess influence, Tanora ( or "Zelphia" in lizard tongue ) over thousands of years.


ost Lizards are not interested in magic. Since their society is based on religion, the center of their cities is always a large temple dedicated to the water goddess. The building structures look very simple from afar : Big stone blocks. But at close distance, one can see that every single one is carved with religious symbols and reliefs, pictures and stories.

Very few humans have ever seen a lizard city from close distance: Most of them are located under water, most in regions around small islands or archipelagos in the sea, others in vaster seas on continents. Lizards prefer to live underwater or on islands uninhabited by the other races, or in wet jungles and swamp areas no one else wants to enter. One reason for this is the lizard's great adaptability concerning inhabitable climates. The other reason may be the thick lizard skin, which most mosquitos can't break through.


izardmen are the second race who developed writing. Their first "letters" were signs from their claws pressed in soft materials that hardened out with time, or simple scratch marks on rocks. Some time later, they started to use pergament–like materials from fish skin and plant parts, written with an acid, colour–changing ink. Some of these materials have proven to be tough and reliable, even when the writing is a thousand years old. But since these scrolls have to be stored in salty water, and quickly rot away when exposed to air, their use outside the water only makes sense when stored in flasks or special boxes.


In the life of a Lizard, religion and honour are the most important things. The older a lizard gets, the wiser he becomes. At a age of about a hundred and fifty or seventy years, old lizard start to sleep much, and spend the rest of their life dreaming, meditating and praying in a Lizard temple. Legends say that some Lizards live that way for hundreds of years before they die. Some of them suddenly awake with a holy shine in their eyes, and without saying a single word, walk away never to be seen again. The Priests call these ones "the enlightened ones". It is forbidden for other lizards to follow an "enlightened one".


he Lizards do not know nobles or kings. They live in family clans, or in the temple, their high priests and family chiefs are their rulers. Of course, all family chiefs have higher religious positions. Legends tell of one being, the "Ushak– Sskhath", poorly translated, "Lizard King". In a far away temple at the deepest place of the oceans, rules the Lizard King, an immortal, huge Lizardman. Being the one who once brought the religion to the lizards, he now leads the high priests from there, with inspiration, wisdom and power, and helps the goddess in keeping and renewing the purity of all water. Legends also tell, that if a lizard priest is unrighteous, selfish or evil, he will one day see the sign of the lizard king over his sleeping place, and if he does not change, one day, simply vanishes. Lizards tell their younglings, that when they don't obey, the lizard king will hunt them in their dreams. No one ever saw this lizard king, but many young lizards go on travels to search his temple.


izard Warriors are either hunters or "Temple Guards", a kind of lizard paladin. They guard the temple entrances and priests, uphold law and order, and destroy all evil and corrupt things with their righteous fist. These guards are horrendous fighters, with almost fanatic behaviour and an unstoppable demand for righteousness. They are trained in strange lizard combat techniques and powered by an incredible rage when in battle. Their war cry, "Glory for the goddess!" (shouted in common language, so that the disbelievers can understand for what they are ready to die for) has ended many battles because the enemy just dropped his weapons and ran away in fear.

Most lizardmen don't like magic, but some of them, especially those far away from lizard towns, have proven to be very talented.

Lizards prefer fresh, raw fish, meat, bread and fruits to eat. They dislike cake and other sweet things.