The Age of Dawn

Eventually fleeing from a mighty foe, the Elder Gods came to this world, giving it the name "Illarion".

Feeling the need to protect themselves against some other force far away, they started to form the land to their needs. They combined their powers, and formed the unstructured elements with their own will. They weaved them together, creating structures and matter, and animated the world with an energy that is now called "magic". Once animated, the world started to produce this energy, and concentrated and emitted it in many places and in large amounts.

Then, the Elder Gods created four races: humans, elves, dwarves and halflings.

Centuries later, the Elder Gods selected eleven outstanding representatives from the growing number of mortals to train and teach them, giving them the purpose to lead an army in a coming battle.
Their close relationship with the Gods changed these mortals minds in more than one way. The Gods altered their existence, making them similar to their own one. Thus they overcame the restrictions of live and death and were later known to us as the Younger Gods.

Amidst these Younger Gods was one who’s name was Moshran. He was the most famous and respected of the Younger Gods. He was the closest to the ordinary people, a hero of the masses: Very strict in his principles, proud of his position, but in many ways and situations helpful to the people. Many of them were looking up to him in deep respect.

The first city, Nabranoo, was founded, a high court of the Gods. Other cities followed, as the races bred fast.

Hundreds and hundreds of years passed without a single sign of danger, giving the gods the time to prepare themselves thoroughly. But as suspected and feared, one day the unnamed enemy found a path into this realm.

Thus ends the Age of Dawn and begins the Age of Struggle.