The Age of Legends

Sinora Maldrán, Mother of Wisdom, proclaimed in the prime age of Shilawén: "The day will come where darkness covers the land. Darkness, arisen from within us, strengthened and nurtured by us, but which eventually will rule us. Than the black gorge of oblivion will engulf us and our folk will return to dust. But a small seed will be able to escape and will prosper again in another world, prosper with a strength, we could provide."


fter her last words faded away she broke her crook as a sign of sacrifice. Her lifeless body fell to the ground and the force within her found a new vessel. The only thing that was found at her body was a sealed scroll.

The true origin of the Gods of Illarion is clouded in mystery, and only very scarse information was able to be gathered. The elves seems to know the most, as they were the first to keep a continuus record of their history, but their willingness to share this information is small.

It seems to be that the world, the gods came from, was shattered due to a great conflict arising between their kind. They might have been send to preserve the true essence of their own existence, to collect powers as battle preparations, as a stronghold, or they just created the world for another purpose.

The known history starts with the Age of Dawn.