[Cadomyr] Temple of Malachín - holy service

On behalf of Malachín's holy inquisition, all people of Illarion are invited to Malachín's temple for a holy service, to celebrate the valor of their comrades and commemorate those who fell in battle. Participants are invited to stand in front of the altar and give a speech of their own, to share tales from the blood month. Donation of treasure maps are encouraged so that we may then venture to the wilds to honor Malachín in the great hunt.

The meeting will be mostly in the new language. If needed, bring along a translator or utilize the in-game translator function.

Start time of the quest:
02nd Elos 53 - 3:00 pm (13. October 2017 09:00 pm)
Status of the quest:
Quest ended
Kind of the quest:
Player quest
Quest is planned by: