[Galmair] The Hand's Dance


Dance in Honor of the Left Hand of Galmair. Ladies don't forget to ask him for at least one dance!

The dance will be a contest that all will vote at the end. Contestants must dance to at least two songs. Best bard will get a special prize for their songs which must be dance songs. The songs can be slow or fast, preferring one of each.

Male Dancer First Prize: Special new dancing shoes with "Best Hoofer" engraved on the toes

Female Dancer First Prize: Special new dancing shoes with "Best Figurante" engraved on the toes

Bard First Prize: a lyre with your name engraved carefully on the highly polished wood

It is encouraged to dress up for the dance so a pure spirit for best costume will be given for the highest vote

Ladies and Gentlemen practice your moves and visit your tailor to get ready for the Galmair Dance in honor of the Hand. Bards contact Evie, Caswir or Kyre.

Start time of the quest:
03rd Naras 51 - 9:00 pm (27. May 2017 11:00 pm)
Status of the quest:
Quest ended
Kind of the quest:
Player quest
Quest is planned by: