[Galmair]Illusion Magic-The Beginning

*Something flies toward the ground. If managing to look up past the bright sun's rays while eyes squint, it may be difficult to see if it is a white bird or something else that is carried by the sudden gust of wind. Following the winding course while attempting to get a closer look, it tends to veer toward Galmair. A parchment with red writing now lays on the ground in front of the Mage House at Malachite.*

"A beginners course in the intricacies of illusion magic. This course will discuss the basics and give a lesson to practice when you leave.

More courses in this concept are planned.


Start time of the quest:
03rd Bras 51 - 9:00 pm (01. April 2017 11:00 pm)
Status of the quest:
Quest ended
Kind of the quest:
Player quest
Quest is planned by: