An Uneasy Equilibrium


precarious power struggle persisted as the three realms continued to vie for dominance. Their rulers remained mindful of their duty as guardians of the powerful gems gifted by the Gods, yet eager to acquire the missing diamond and seal their own pre-eminence.

The Year 35 after the defeat of Kharud saw a rare act of collaboration between the faction rulers. Hearing of the plight of a distant island across the Great Ocean the faction leaders saw a chance to bolster their fledgling realms. Unwilling to be undone by either of their counterparts, all three rulers made the voyage to Gobaith to offer sanctuary to her inhabitants with promises of glory, wisdom and prosperity for their new citizens. In those last days, refugees were plucked from the sinking island as it crumbled beneath the wrath of the Gods. The influx of new arrivals heralded much change with opportunities to be seized and challenges to be met as the people of Illarion shaped their own destiny in the years to come.