A Forgotten Land


lthough appearing on early maps and in some expedition and trade logs found amongst the archives of the old empires, remarkably little is recorded about the early history and settlement of Illarion. Scattered elven ruins along the Glowing River, ancient pyramids in the Kantabi Desert and the abandoned houses of Pauldron all evidence past inhabitation of the lands. Few manuscripts of these communities survive, however, and even less seems to document their mysterious demise.

Occasional references can be found of the vast Insurmountable Limes that stretch across the north east, partitioning the remainder of the peninsula. The construction predates the establishment of the new realms of Illarion and the fall of Kharud. Vague stories are told alluding to a terror that lies beyond the fortifications but to date no known survivors have returned from explorations of the ominously dark forested headland beyond.