The Age of Dawn


leeing a mighty foe, the Elder Gods came to this world, formulating their protection as they moulded the land to their needs. Combining their powers they formed unstructured elements which through their will they weaved together to give structures and matter. Findari formed the vast sky and beneath it Tanora created the ocean. Ushara made soil, rock and the mountains to form the land. Brágon brought light into the world and Eldan made every being aware of itself. They animated the world with an energy we now recognise as the divine power that is mana. Still the world produces this energy, giving life to the land and explaining so many of its wonders.

Next, the Elder Gods created four races: humans, elves, dwarves and halflings. The first city, Nabranoo, was founded as the seat of the Gods. Other cities followed as their creations prospered and populated the new lands. Centuries passed without hint of the danger to come but the Gods did not neglect their preparations.

In time the Elder Gods would come to select eleven outstanding representatives of the mortal races to train and teach, intent on them leading an immense army into the approaching battle. Charismatic Adron was renowned for his sociability, whilst Cherga was favoured for her dignified solemnity. Wisest amongst the scholars, Elara was chosen for her vast knowledge and fair judgement. Irmorom meanwhile was considered the most gifted craftsman and merchant of the age. The honourable Malachín showed great prowess as a hunter and in battle. Moshran had distinguished himself as a great tactician and strategist, whereas Nargùn thrived on chaos with his good fortune surpassing all others. Oldra was an accomplished healer noted for her compassion and humility. Artful Ronagan had long evaded any authority with his stealth and quick wit. Beautiful Sirani was chosen for her charming allure and last but not least, loyal Zhambra for his comradeship. Growing close to their prodigies, the Elder Gods invested ever more power in them, influencing their mind and altering their very existence to become more like their own. The restrictions of life and death were overcome and in time these chosen ones would become known as the Younger Gods.

Amongst them, Moshran was the most acclaimed and respected of all the Younger Gods. Closest to the ordinary people, he was a hero of the masses. Strict in his principles and proud of his position, he nonetheless found opportunity to help the people and many looked to him with deep reverence.

As the Age of Dawn drew to a close the unnamed enemy found a path to this realm and so began the Age of Struggle.