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Aldous Greyheart

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Description of the character

Aldous is quiet and reserved. He will not hesitate to help someone in need, though sometimes this would contend with the wishes of those who he is forced to call his superiors. Aldous has a deep compassion hidden within him, yet years of repressing this compassion have made him somewhat hesitant to show it.

Intuitive, but not well-read, Aldous' memory only goes back to his wanderings in the past year. He'd gladly ask a friend for help, if only he could remember who his friends were. It's a sad realization in Aldous's heart that if he ever wants to get any peace in his heart, he will have to abandon his lonesome ways.


Story of the character

A strange night, I emerge in Troll's Bane and collapse the second I reach the Inn. A ringing in my ears, a painful static behind my eyes and in my memory.

Where have I been? What happened? Who is Sirani? Who is Ssarney? And who...who are the Gykeesh?

All I have to go by is a strip of paper, with some smattered names. Of all of them, one name rings more painfully than the others...and its the only one that's familiar.