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Gina Quessiriel

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368 years
15. Findos 311 BW

Currently offline

Description of the character

Gina is a very tall elfess, standing just shy of 2 meter’s tall. She is often seen with clothes that as she would say don’t quite make it to the ground. She walks confidently with the air of a huntress. She is quick to give a smile to those around her, but can have a fierce temper when provoked. She likes silly sayings and if you have been teased by her you know she is your friend. She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends. Her blue/green eyes flash with amusement but she has little patients with those who demean others, she can be easily influenced by others.


Story of the character

Gina grew up in “South”, a spin off community from the main elven community that grew to big for it’s boundaries due to an unusual population growth there. She has come out in the greater world as she has a great love of the hunt and wanted to find adventure. To date she has lived an un-advent full life in a caring community of elves. She is tolerant of other races but has never before had any contact with them.