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Description of the character

Lhosseth’s appearance is that of a graceful and slender Elfess, standing a little taller than most human females. Her pine green coloured eyes are set in a youthful face framed by long white hair, which she always wears unbound with an Elven grace. She is dressed in a beautiful high quality green robe, embroidered with images of deer and leaves; underneath she wears matching green trousers and a blue shirt. She usually speaks in a soft, calm and melodious voice. Most often she is seen with a small smile on her face wandering in the forest, enjoying the beauties she finds there and the creatures she adores.


Story of the character

Lhosseth’s entire history is not something she wants to be general knowledge. Depending on how well she knows someone she will tell bits and pieces of her former life. She lived most of her life before coming to Gobaith in the Emerald forest, at the foot of the Ganthra Aegas, part of the nameless mountains. Shortly after reaching her Elven majority at 180 she left the forest of her youth and set out on a journey, following directions that have, so far, led her to Tol Vanima.