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ou hear loud, heavy foot steps thudding on the earth somewhere behind you on the well trodden dirt path. As you turn around, shading your eyes against the sunlight beaming into your face to investigate the noise, you see a tall, stout figure slowly walking towards you. The movements seem very labored, almost unstable, and at first the silhouette protruding against the background of blinding sunlight makes you think of a very tall, very fat old man.

But then a heavy cloud moves in front of the sun, blocking out enough light to reveal a rather short, young man, no older than 18, perhaps 19 years of age judging by his soft features and exhausted but content grin. As he gets closer, you realize that what you first judged to be a particularly thick layer of dirt on either side of his face, are actually a set of impressively thick and astonishingly dirty sideburns that grow into an only slightly longer but equally dirty head of thick, pitch black hair, scruffily standing out in random directions all over. Aside from the remarkable amount of dirt, the boy looks perfectly average in just about every way. The only thing that stands out somewhat, is a set of kind, dark blue eyes, perhaps the boy's sole claim to some degree of handsomeness.

Much like his face, his body is covered head to toe in flecks of grey and black powder, barely allowing you to make out a few small patches of very pale skin peaking through in between layers of dirt. He is wearing what seems to be a blackened pair of the simplest buckskin breeches that may have had a washed out brownish color at some point and a short, coarse woolen shirt that appears to be black. You can only tell his hands and feet are bare because sweat running down the skin has formed streaks in the dirt, revealing rough, white skin underneath.

Slung across the young man's broad shoulders, you see a bundle containing a number of peculiar looking, small tools, a pickaxe and a hammer, as well as a huge sack of raw coal, carefully balanced on top, perhaps explaining the layers of dirt. A strong upper body and thick arms betray a life of hard work, even at the man's young age. However, you can also make out some soft, round lines here and there around the man's thighs and waist and you're not quite sure if you should take it as further evidence of the boy's young age or a weakness for strawberry pie.