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Orion Lysander

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Description of the character

He is average tall and has a brown eyes. Orion's face looks slender and his hair is curly. He seems to have athletic build of the body.

He follows Findari in her militant aspect as the Goddess of the storm.


Story of the character


is mother with calm eyes died during the Orion's childbirth. He spent the time of childhood with his father, who never treated him well. Except drinking and sending young boy for more booze to the local inn where his father with language sharp could spent whole days he had nothing much to say to his son. Orion with face slender was beaten many times in his childhood and the hand of father was always heavy. Young Lysander, a follower of Findari promised that one day he revenge on his father.

"Give me glory or give me death!"

He grown up in the one polis not much known in this region of the world. In the lands where people gather in the city-states called this name. The polis he is from the most weight puts to the military education, which young Lysander with skin swarthy and spear sharp passed shortly before his living.
He left his military country on the mission to start a new colony in the new world, not much known for his people with hair dark and sharp eye.