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He is somewhat weak-minded and emotional. His barbarian origin affects to his deeds. Always focused on training his muscles he has no time to learn sofisticated things.
His manners are wild and he replaces them with loyalty to friends, but Groz is despite of all follower of Ronagan. Mostly he avoids common work and he tries to earn his money like clan orc does, treating laws or social rules instrumentally. The last incidents with drop the following Malachin by him has forced the orc to combine more subtlety what Groz never was much fan of. He walks on a crutch, because his left leg is paralyzed.


Story of the character


n the one of those forest clearing where hunters meet, rest and exchanging their stories once upon a time Groz met other tired traveller.
They were feasting and sharing with each other hunted meat. They were talking, sharing informations about directions of animals migrations, current situation in the world, dangers on a path or were spending time for other small talks topics what two hunters rise during their meeting. After a while a discussion directed them to presence of Gods in their lifes.

- So, Groz I have observed that you seem often come here. This is not first time I meet you at this place. Before you always been throwing some of your prey to the fire for Malachin, but recently when I find you here you don't. What has happend? Have you lost your faith? Does Malachin not bring you luck?

- Yoos corruct somehow. Weh knuw each othur nub frum dis day and dis is nub secrut. Meh leave him.

- So what's now? What a path you will choose?

- Likeh always. Meh own.

After this Groz spent a longer moment just consuming slowly his piece of grilled meat, not speaking anything, only staring at the fire, which covered some of his friend's offering. The fire was burning and realising fat from meat thrown into. Through a while sound of burning campfire and voice of the forest's shortly incoming sunset only were heard. After this they returned to their previous topics, spending time in together company another several minutes until they felt appease their hunger. They left from that place and each one chose a different direction to move to only personal known place for a hideout, wishing the other side luck. The night was incoming, so this prolonged meet of two friends created somewhat a race before darkness and speed of march could not be quick, because after leaving a company, everyone wants to hide tracks. This is common custom between hunters. A save port of forest clearing what seems to be a great place to spend a day in a company of other travellers becomes a danger during night, a perfect place to lose life. Also experience teaches most of them that telling anyone with who they are not connected by a bloodline where one wants to spend a time before a dawn is not the best decision afterall.