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Lancare Gossia

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grown up

Currently offline

Description of the character


grown up man, he easily towers longer than 180cm/6 feets, a solid height for human race. His dark hair is clearly a bit overgrown and needs some cutting. His body is clearly trained and it doesn't take much to figure out that he probably does a lot fighting. There isn't really anything remarkable about this mans looks. but if you had to choose it would be definitely grim look on his face but there's probably not much he can do about it.

Most of the time you would see him with a medium armour. A combination of a chainmail and plates alongside a solid steel helmet to keep him from dying. If you know him you can expect him to carry his signature weapon spear with him.
You might rarely meet him wearing his casual suit, But it quickly betrays the lack of effort put into it. Black trousers alongside with white tunic and black leather shoes, they look relatively clean due to lack of usage.

His more or less back to the old black cape.


Story of the character

Only few know, even less ask.