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She is a little taller than an average woman of the human race, but her height is still common for an elfess. She is slim and she often smiles, trying to "infect" others by a good mood. Her eyes might suggest a young age.


Story of the character

"If I lost you
If it was this event
Suddenly, the bird could fade in its flight
Heart could die"

Yasna left one of an elven hidden province and has started her journey to the wisdom. This traditional elven adventure is still very popular among a young elves in the reason they are still much interested in the outer world in contrast to an older representives of this race. How ever those elves who can be met outside their native realms are still older than the oldest of the human race. She spent some time travelling across kingdoms of the dwarves where she learnt respect to the treasures hidden under mountains. During the one of those visits local ruler of a dwarves showed her a mining-cap what could lit the nearby area by a magic much simplify the work of its owner. That day she understood that artificing might be for her the most interesting area of the knowledge to explore.