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Aswe's height is her most visible feature, she comes in at around 2m tall, the top of her head blanketed in an a surprisingly natural looking green hair which is upset only by the tips of her ears poking through. Her nose is slightly pointed and her face has that typical elven angularism.

Her long, thin limbs move in a manner that indicates she has no natural elven grace, but she is doing her best impression of it, this is shown in her speech too, occasionally slipping.

She is beautiful in a textbook "Aesthetically pleasing" way, but not attractive in the same way.


Story of the character


swe was born a long long time ago to parents who believed strongly in the balance of nature and Oldra's will, in a community of the same beliefs.

Her first century and a half was spent learning, learning of the world outside their home. The disbalance of man and plant, of the gross excesses of the younger races, those who would bend and pervert nature to their own ends instead of living in harmony with it.

Her community was isolated, as when one decides that nature is above all, they do not build roads, and their trails are often overgrown, as such, learning the common language was not a necessity, indeed, even when a lost traveller or determined pilgrim found the place, only the older elves could speak with them, those who predated the settlement.

As she grew, she grew. when she hit her sixth foot her parents were pleased, both being short themselves. When she finally grew to her current height, six foot seven, her parents and her community rejoiced, for Oldra had given her the gift of treelike growth. To celebrate this, she was tattooed in the climbing vines which assailed every tree in the area and her hair was coloured green.

Aswe left her community when she was scantly 400 years old, wishing to see more of the world and to help nature's balance wherever she went.