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Sefja Abenius

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slender wiry stature, blazing red hair what tousles mostly easily is and a few strands cheeky in the finely cut face hang, but the blue eyes the full energy and curiosity still do not create it sparkle to hide.

Every now and then also flashes a little bit cheeky cheeky upon them. According to mind situation they accept bright or dark blue and resemble so often the Sea on her sunny or stormy days

Their face looks rather soft and narrow cut with a snub nose and a strawberry-coloured mouth which they every now and then with pleasure to a cheeky grin pulls.

She is dressed mostly for armor. They are rarely seen in normal clothing or even a dress.

In addition, she wearing a heavy woolen cloak , showing a deep blue, the lower right quarter is scarlet. Center back emblazoned the fine embroidery of a circled, rearing black snake on a white background.
Recognizable as the coat of arms of the House of sea snake from Cadomyr.


Story of the character


he slight accent in her voice can quickly surmise that this young woman is a Norodaj.

Born into an icy stormy night which earned her the nickname " Storm daughter " , she lived the typical life of a Norodajs ,
counted up to a fateful encounter afflicted when she 15 years.

Suffice it to say , elves ships had something to do with it

Meanwhile, the child from the Frozen Wastes lives now in a desert town.
Once the youngest daughter, from the jarl of polar bear clan, she is now as a Huscarl one of the Templars from the house of the sea serpent.

In the year 52 she became engaged with Attos a Knight from Cadomyr.
On the 14th Siros in the year 53 the wedding was celebrated.

On the 12th Tanos of the year 54, her son Aaron Attosson Abenius was born.