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Cedric Demelii

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edric is a moderately tall and young looking man with a well built and muscular body, toned and strengthened through years of hardship and rigorous training regimes. Bleached, frigid eyes quietly observe their surroundings, accompanied by a slight and slow cynical smirk from time to time. The slight tapering at the end of either ear along with his slender well formed facial structure alludes to an elvish lineage, however the subtle delicacies of his parentage are tragically marred by a set of jagged deep-set scars running from Cedric's jaw-line to his cheek bones. When speaking, words ease past his lips in a clear, low and educated voice - most frequently forming snark remarks or observations, or on rarer occasions deep and thoughtful advice for the few he trusts.

It quickly becomes apparent that Cedric cares very little for his appearance. His unkempt, grubby, and oily black shoulder length hair is left wild and loose, often clinging to his face and fore-head due to accumulated sweat or grime - concealing most of his redeemable features. As far as his attire is concerned he is dressed practically in tall leather boots, and a tattered worn out long black coat riddled with tares and holes; clearly overdue for mending or replacement. He is armored below in a mixture of hardened leather and pieces of steel plating in the more vital locations. Leather straps of a baldric are fastened around his torso which supports his weapon of choice inside it's sheath; an ominous looking two handed sword that glows with an eerie red gleam once drawn.