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Caswir Drakull

Character Picture
4033 years
6. Eldas 3977 BW

Currently offline

Description of the character

Caswir Drakull has pale blue eyes, with long silk web like hair. He appears rather strong, but aged. He claims to be over thousands of years old, and to somehow transcend time. Caswir has sharp features, and when he smiles you see a rather large set of fangs. A custom lute is strapped to his belt.

He is a known craftsman...
*Grandmaster Finesmith
*Grandmaster Carpenter
*Grandmaster Blacksmith
*Master Cook and Baker

Drakull a weapons specialist, can craft you most any weapon.

He seems easily enough approachable for trades or repairs.


Story of the character


aswir Drakull comes from a clan of dark elves, from another world. The elders of the ancient tribe, chose him to lead the underground movement. He is a cunning warrior, and knows many battles and blood.

"True immortality comes with a price..."

Often seen near his home by the Well of Dreams, he spends his time relaxing having an occasional drink or toke. Caswir has been known as a bard, and enjoys a good tune.

"There is magik in music. Vibrations which create sound, and build into energy, frequencies that are sacred in design."

He is a follower of Nargun, and truly believes Galmair is supreme. In his old realm, he was much like a jester or morose poet.

Drakull now becoming obsessed with the mana that now flows through Illarion, and even his own hands. He starts a journal entitled "Night of the Crescent Moons". A book of shadows, or grimoire. ((*/viewtopic.php?f=88&t=41706))

He now begins his search for the sacred jewel shards, and wanders their power.