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Leon Demelii

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tanding before you is a slender, muscular man with dark brown hair that falls just to his shoulders. Under his hair peeks out pointed ears that aims to the likelihood of Elven heritage. His dark brown eyes and facial structure may tip off the idea of a human heritage as well, leaving his age unknown unless asked. When spoken to he responds with a careful and educated voice that can sometimes come off as sarcasm or pure honesty, which can be hard for many to define when it's not followed by a slight smirk after finished speaking.

Leon's attire changes with the moment. When crafting he can be seen wearing tunics, leather pants and boots which sometimes are well-worn, but never torn. When working he is always concentrated on his work, he however has the ability to multi-task without much trouble. He can also be dressed in a perfect suit of armor which he made himself, leading to the belief that he knows how to forge, fight and defend himself well.