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58 years
7. Tanos 2 AW

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sar'ney is of a merely average height, muscular even for a lizardman. Most of the thumbnail-sized scales covering his body are of of a dull grey, some near his bright blue comb show a mixture of both colours. There are not many visible signs of abrasion on his short, sharp teeth, which suggests a rather young age. The lizards amber reptile eyes have a fanatic spark to them.

He is usually seen wearing a well kept plate armour of blueish black Albarian steel, ornated with snake themed guilloches as well as a thick cloak of blue and red showing the sigil of a rearing snake covering back and shoulders. An ornate twohanded sword and spear or staff along are his usual choice of arment. From the handle of each weapon therein hangs a half-meter long white strip of cloth embroidered with characters of the lizard language. On the rare occasion of a grand battle his left arm is graced by a black brassard.

At several points of his body scales that show a less intense colour than the ones around them. Most of these are in a line, right next to each other. Several of these lines can be found near the comb on his back, and there is also a regularly broken semi-circle of such scales around his shoulder. Some "drawings" made from these less intensely coloured scales can also be found on his arms and torso. Whether these are scars, religious symbols, or just normal irregularities in scale colour, one can only guess.


Story of the character

"One iss to do what iss right. Not what iss comfortable... or popular."
"Faizz and disscipline iss foundazzion of anyzzing lassting."
"Mozzer forgivesss only onzze. Mozzer forgetss not."
"A Templewarrior decidess wizzin zzree breazzss."

~ Ssar'ney


"For his exemplary service as Noble and advisor for five continuous years as well as many feats, great and small, for Her Majesty, Chosen of the Goddess, Ssar'ney of the House of the Sea Serpent is hereby awarded with the rank of Count."

~Royal Chancellor Anthar Vilicon, 11th year after the Return of the Old Gods


"Ssar'ney, the terror lizard.
Ssar'ney is Ssar'ney the punisher. That is how the lizard introduces himself. Even for being a lizard, his 'devotion' to Tanora shows itself in queer ways. He calls himself her spouse and since he claims the queen of Cadomyr has been chosen by Tanora, his perverted mind believes that he is also the spouse of the queen! With those absurd believes he justifies his iniquities with which he terrorises the people around him. The violent lizard thinks that he is the one to decide what shall be done and what shall not be done. Who opposes him has to expect to be slaughtered in the most violent way. Just a few had the luck to escape his ire. Even other lizards become his victims: It is said that he tortured S'rrt for hours just because he didn't greet him properly. Blood and thunder are his companions since childhood: Even when he was just a young lizard he ate all the fish away from the other lizards so that those had to starve harrowingly. With his antisocial attitude he made himself the leader of the lizard society that is the true ruling force in Cadomyr. He hates everyone of the so called landlings, but the dwarves in particular. Especially the dwarf Sammy is often the victim of cruel torture of the terror lizard. But usually, he just crushes them, cuts their beard and sends them to their families.
Beware of the horror that's named Ssar'ney."

~pamphlet of unknown origin


"Baron Ssar'ney of the House of the Sea Serpent?

I'd say he is the kind of lizard who would do anything he does perceive as good and right for his Goddess or the 'Chosen One', no matter the cost and popular opinion.

He tends to be not quite the most popular person among the smallfolk. Or rather those with a... liberal view on things. Certainly none to win an election as they do in Galmair. The Cadomyrian Queen however does seem to hold him in high esteem. She raised him to nobility and his tenure of one of the three seats in the Royal Court is yet to end.

Ssar'ney came back about a year ago after a rather lengthy visit to the lizard settlement of his birth, 'The Grey Cliffs', and does consider himself a Templewarrior now. Since then he also claims the Queen to be the 'Chosen One' of Tanora. Without a doubt he does act like one would expect from a fanatic Templewarrior, none of sane mind would question his prowess in battle and there had been several reported interventions of Tanora in his presence since his return."

~Scribe Lettarius, end of the 6th year after the return of the Old Gods.


"Sss? Hissstory of Ssar'ney? Ssar'ney doess not zzink, zzat iss important. Sssz, knowsss interessssting sstoriesss, but are not about Sssar'ney. But if doess inssisst, he telsss about Ssar'ney.
Schs. Ssar'ney comesss from Grey Cliffsss. Sfss, iss good sssettlement-place, he zzinkss. Sczss, zze sstone zzere iss grey, deep waterssss around, iss cliff, but isss under sssurface of water. Zzat iss why name iss "Grey Cliffsss". Sfzchs... Iss lotsss of Fruitsss of Zzelpheyar zzere, but not much place for Temple and Nesssthoussses. In deeper watersss are big bitefisssh, but zze children of Zzelpheyar and zze big bitefissh hunt each ozzer not ofthen, iss eanough fruitss of zze Goddesss zzere. Spfss. When Ssar'ney wasss sssmall, he wass sstron hatchling, ate lotsss of fisssh! Sss, Ssar'ney wasss good Hatchling! Alwaysss did what Priessstss, Guardsss and Huntersss told. He liked when zzey told sstoriess, he sstill likess to hear sstoriess! Ss, Ssar'ney never sswam too far away from cliffsss, was sscared by zze dark watersss in zze deep.
Ssvzs. Ssar'ney learned much at Grey Cliffsss!
Zze huntersss sshowed zze ozzer ssmall ones and Ssar'ney how to hunt! Sszs, Ssar'ney wasss good at hunting, iss why isss Hunter now. Wass not fasst, but Ssar'ney hass sstrong teeth and iss good with clawsss! Schss, zze priessstss sshowed zze ozzer ssmall oness and Ssar'ney how to read! Sss, iss exiting, but Ssar'ney zzinkss iss difficult. Language of zze Children of zze Zzelpheyar iss complicated but iss logical, he zzinkss. He never undersstood zze sstrange sighns of zze landlingss even if zzeir tounge iss eassy but sstrange. Sss, Ssar'ney did read many zzingsss! Knowss about evil "Magic"- zzing, many, many fruitsss of zze great Goddess, knowsss many great zzingss zze Goddesss did for her children, knowsss ssstoriess of great ancesstorss. Ss! Zze priessstss alsso told zze ssmall onesss and Ssar'ney how to pray. Iss very important, Ssar'ney praysss much!
Sss, when zze ssmall oness become big, zzey decide if zzey want to help zze priessstss, read and write zzingss, or go with zze huntersss, bringing food to zze ozzerss. Sss, Ssar'ney zzought iss not good if tiresss to write zzingss, iss sslow with zzat. Sss, Ssar'ney went hunting! Sss, Ssar'ney became hunter! Sszsz. Iss dangerousss, if one wantsss to become hunter, hasss to hunt big bitefisssh! Sssz, he wass sscared, prayed many timess before dived to dark watersss. Bitefissh have many, many ssparp teeth! Sss, did hurt much when big bitefissh did bite Ssar'ney, but Ssar'ney wasss sstrong! He alsso did hurt zze bitefissh with zze sspear and did bite zze Bitefissh into gillss, mouth, body! Zss, Ssar'ney iss here and ssayss iss hunter, sso big bitefissh wass weaker zzan Ssar'ney and Ssar'ney became hunter. But Ssar'ney did resst much after he did hunt zze big bitefissh alone, hiss sshoulder did hurt for long time. Zzssfs. After zzat Ssar'ney did hunt many sseeassons with zze ozzer huntersss, alssso ssome big bitefisssh zzat came too closse to nessstsss, but mosstly zze healtzzy fruitss of zze great Mozzzer. When Ssar'ney did not hunt, he did ssleep, read zzingss in zze Temple, he sshowed how to do zzingsss to zze ssmall hatchlingsss with zze ozzers. Or prayed, Ssar'ney sstill prayss much! Iss important, ass he ssaid.
Sszz, Ssar'ney ssaid zzat iss not much place at Grey Clifssss. When zzere are young oness becomig big, ssome of zze older onesss leave zze grey cliffsss, zze Priesstss tell zzem to travel zze wide oceanss of zze Goddess and zze drylandss far away to learn and ssettle down ssomewhere. Sss, Ssar'ney heared zzat zzere are Templess zzat are not underwater. When Ssar'ney iss good eanough at hunting, eanough time hass flown and zze Goddesss consssidersss him worthy, he may become Templeguard one day. But if wantsss to protect templesss, he alsso needss to learn to hunt on zze drylandss! Zzzz. Ssso Ssar'ney did travel to next dryland-place he found in zze mapsss of zze Temple, isss place Ssar'ney iss now. Zze humanss ssay iss "Issland", iss "Gobaith".
Iss difficult to move on dryland-placesss, iss what Ssar'ney learned. But Ssar'ney iss not sstupid, Ssar'ney learned how to move zzere, he sstarted to hunt and learn zzere. Zze drylandsss are a sstrange place, he zzinksss. Sss, iss ass sstrange ass zze oness zzat live zzere, many witzzout tail and sscalesss. Are many differend kindsss! Are humanss, sshort-humanss, zze old kind, are green sshort-humans, are zze ssonss of blood, zze children of sstone, zzere are ssmall winged onesss and many more! Sss, alsso are many, many different animailsss. Sss, ssome of zzem try to eat Ssar'ney when zzey see him, he zzinkss iss sstupid, iss more sstupid zzan zze big bitefissh are. Zere are alsso many impure zzingsss! Are brozzersss zzat deny zze great Goddesss! Sss, are alsso humanss zzat do, but zze humanss winter fasst, zzat iss why zzey are sso hassty and ofthen forget about zze godss and zze great Goddesss, he feelsss sympathy for zzem. Zzey don not even have a regulated mating-time! Ssar'ney wondersss how zzey manage to feed all zzeir hatchlingsss... Zzzch! Zzere iss alsso impure "Magic"- zzing. Makess zzat dead humansss sstand up and hungry, want to eat Ssar'ney and everyzzing zzat livess! Scssz. Ssar'ney huntss zzem to bring zzem to resst, but are many of zzem. Ssszs, now Ssar'ney doess hunt zzat cursssed beingsss, ssleepsss, huntsss fisssh, learnss new zzingss about zze drylandss and helpsss zze temple of zze great Mozzzer at zzat place. Schss. And praysss! Ssar'ney sstill prayss much! Iss important."

~Hunter Ssar'ney, five years prior to the return of the Old Gods.