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Tyan Masines

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life of doing tough jobs, being outside in the sun and too many nights drinking have begun to show on this aging warrior's face. Broad shoulders and a nimble as well as sturdy walk however tell a different story: time and an unhealthy lifestyle have taken a toll for sure, but it's not the end of the line yet.

Tyan may have looked more dignified than he used to now that his hair is shorter, grayer and his facial features are more refined, but an iridescent (and to some perhaps annoying) reputation prevents most of that. Despite any prima facie grim appearance, his mood is still generally cheerful and smiles as well as jokes are his constant companions.

When he is working, he is usually wearing simple but expensively made dark clothes and at most other times he is clad in his usual armor and carrying a variety of weapons on his belt.


Story of the character

An orphan from Gynka.
A thief.
A traveling bard (and probably still a thief).
A mercenary (and still a thief, occasionally).
A visitor to Gobaith.
A renowned citizen of Cadomyr (renowned in positive as well as negative ways).
A protracted citizen of Galmair (a time which also had its ups and downs, naturally).
And most recently, an 'outlaw'.

Or so one hears.