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Tyan Masines

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verage is what would be commonly used to describe Tyan once observed in a crowd of humans. He is a bit taller than the average, but features the dark brown hair and eyes common among humans, along with a slender, but wiry built. In fact, he was able to win a lot of coin in his younger years arm wrestling since he looks a lot weaker than he is.
He usually lets his hair grow until it becomes uncomfortable for wearing helmets, then cuts it, and keeps a short well kept beard. He smiles a lot and when people meet him, they will generally see a cheerful human, always ready to drop some pun or crack a joke. His nonchalant appearance is contrasted by a rather sophisticated enunciation, hinting at some degree of formal education. When he wears armor or casual clothing alike, it will be well crafted, expensive and trim.

Tyan likes to talk and feast, but when intoxicated a certain sense for melancholy might show. As a former wandering minstrel, he seems to have seen a lot of good and evil alike, both rubbing off on him. Although a Cadomyrian noble for a long time, his personality has always been somewhat shady and it is rumored he has been accused of many things: Treason, debauchery, adultery, indecisiveness, cruelty, imprudence and impudence – you name it. If you asked another person though, he might describe Tyan as friendly, generous, loyal, helpful, wise and kind. In fact, when it comes to character, Tyan might be depicted as chaotic and the reasons for doing the things he does often do not reveal themselves easily to the observer. One day, he might follow any hunch or the first desire that presents itself, the other day he might present an elaborate plan. In all his humaneness, his true motivations are hard to fathom. All of that might hint at a very complex understanding of the world and plan to live in it – or merely a most basal one.


Story of the character


Child of the Road (or: South of No North)

Tyan's history before he arrived in Galmair is nebulous at best. The version of his life people commonly know is what he also told his comrades and those who asked – that he was born an accidental child of a courtesan in the city of Gynka. Never given any name besides his first name Tyan, he claims to have chosen Masines as his last name himself. After growing up in the busy streets of that shady city as one of many pickpocket boys, he allegedly joined a group of adventurers one day and left for the road. By how he tells that story one might also assume it was rather a group of highwaymen than a group of adventurers. Whatever is true, he claims he did not remain in their company long, but later made his living a a wandering minstrel, traveling around most of the known world.

Where he learned his letters and build up a quite sophisticated way of conversation is another mystery. Tyan claims he resided in a monastery for some time, but that phase of his life never gets explained in detail and whether it truly happened remains questionable. Tyan will quickly dismiss any other assumptions, however, and claims he chose the name 'because it sounded good.' The end of the story is that where he was really born and brought up will remain his secret. Whether he originated as a street kid, or as the neglected fourth-born son of a small noble house leaving the family for some reason, at least the part about him becoming a wandering bard appears to be real.

A Soldier of Fortune (or: Tales of Ordinary Madness)

When Tyan got to the remote island of Gobaith, he was apparently running from something or someone. While he lay low, he mainly resided in Troll's Bane and took up the sword for the first time. As he practiced with the local militias he found his talent for swordplay and became a passable warrior. After a few month, he left Gobaith for his own reasons and thus did not become one of the refugees of that island which later got destroyed by a deluge.

Fate worked for Tyan twice during those times. Firstly, he had left Gobaith before its cataclysm in which he may have very well perished. Secondly, he left for Galmair, a town sitting in a strip of land called Illarion – the very same land, the refugees from Gobaith would mostly be washed ashore. Pre-cataclysm, Tyan worked as a hired sword and day laborer in Galmair, although he did not bother with politics then. After Gobaith had been detroyed and some old acquaintances arrived in Illarion, he was convinced to move to Cadomyr. There, he co-founded the Crimson Order, a band of warriors, originally intending to uncover the secrets of the land and hunt for treasure. Tyan honed his fighting skills in the Crimson Order. As his skill and his rank grew in Cadomyr, the Crimson Order changed as well and got more and more politically involved, eventually being named the official fighting force of Cadomyr by Her Royal Majesty. Tensions with Tyan's former home Galmair only fueled that process.

A Somewhat Dubious Noble (or: Love is a Dog from Hell)

Unintentionally, Tyan became somewhat of a figurehead for the tensions between Galmair and Cadomyr back then when he slew a citizen on Galmair in their own tavern. This event was only the tip of the iceberg of course, but lead to a series of follow up feuds and once even almost escalated into open war. In the end, the Don and Tyan came to an understanding and Tyan was charged to host a feast for all towns in the Hemp Necktie Inn. It goes without saying that coin and possibly other favors were paid to the Don besides the feast, but they shall remain a secret.
Tyan's strong involvement with Galmairian affairs and his temper at home in Cadomyr also lead to some tension between Her Royal Majesty an him. The former Count degraded to Baron and later he gave up all titles, with his relationship to the crown completely unknown today. What exactly created the divide between the Crown and Tyan remains widely unknown and rumors vary from treason to drinking problems.

Recently, Tyan has moved to Galmair.