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Hagen Faolingas

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in midlife

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Description of the character

Brown eyes look at the world from underneath his unruly dark hair. With them comes a lean not quite young man, who can be recognise by his worn off clothes, which remind of his life as a rover. You will never meet him without his favourite instruments, the harp in his bag and the lute strapped around his shoulder. A scar along his throat reminds of his not so calm past. Nonetheless he is always goodnatured and friendly towards everyone. Herbalism has become his hobby on long journeys through the country, for who does not like to smoke some sibanac when roving the roads for days on end?


Story of the character


agen has already grown up, roaming the country roads. Since he is a little boy, he had to provide for himself, mostly by doing little services for others. Thus he has gained some skill in various crafts. Nonetheless Hagen did not become a craftsman, he loved roving far too much to give it up. So he became a bard. With his lute and his harp he performed in several inns and town squares. His life of a rover finally brought him to Gobiath, where he continued to strive from town to town looking for an audience for his songs and tales.
On one of his journeys he was ambushed and almost had to pay with his life for a moment of inattention. A band of robbers had mistaken him for a wealthy traveller. When they realised their mistake their leader took out a knife and cut his throat. With his broken instruments beside him they left him for dead. But he was not. More dead than alive, but full of determination he dragged himself to Trolls Bane. There some kind person brought him to the hospital, but he was too close to death to still remember the name.
A scar on his throat still reminds him everyday, how close he came to death. Singing had become impossible, as compared to him a raven sounded like a nightingale. Other's company had become bitter to him, as he felt everyone's stare rest at the scar on his throat, although it was well hidden beneath the collar of his traveller's cloak. Back then he has sworn to learn enough about fighting to be able to defend himself in such a situation.