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4009 years
13. Naras 3950 BW

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he Witch's eyes, almost as dark as her black hair, finally open to the sound of a ravens call. Kyre feels no pain, only relief, only comfort as she turns over in a soft bed before the temptation to fall back to sleep almost overwhelms her again as has happened multiple times. The much louder call of the raven now insistent has her finally sitting on the side of the bed shivering in the cold damp air of a cave.

A vague memory of many years past and a dead zone intrudes on her confusion... was she still there and had been dreaming? No, a distinct memory of being removed with the help of a raven came to her then the fear of caves due to her incarceration as a small girl. This time all had changed but the growling ache of her stomach. The once beautiful mage robe and skirt were now in tatters and falling off her thin body as she attempts to stand on weak long elven legs. Running her metal hand along the damp stone wall to assist her passage out, the witch realized some memories were lost however the ones that stayed were almost a ghost of promises made and broken yet Nargun was always near. Typical of the witch deciding to not ponder the lost, she was thankful her extensive knowledge of runes, spells and hexes were intact. A hoarse voice was heard...

"A blood witch"

Was that her? However the sudden gasp was not due to that, but the feeling of something missing, an unusual weakness in the core of her being. Did Nargun take a payment? Acknowledging her predicament she resigns herself to the truth. Making it to the entrance, the Witch looks up at the two moons shining toward her and straightening her thin shoulders realizes she would need to rebuild her past strength but eventually could. Before beginning, she ponders what will be there for her future.