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orrin follows the god of blood and bones. He is only decent at fighting, but still hunts whatever his God tells him too, although he will not kill some close friends. His greatest fear is his God punishing him.

Torrin is rather thin, while still incredibly strong. He has blue, slightly flimsy, but still very sharp spikes on his head that indicate his mood. While it might not seam so, Torrin's spikes on his head reflect the sun and moon light very strongly. He prefers to where armour most of the time, rather than everyday clothes. Up close you can see a set of sharp, pointed teeth in his mouth.

His ambition is too gain enough "Shinys" (Coins) to buy a wizards hat, because he had heard that they grant protection against magic. Although never being able to cast spells or use magic, (And he most likely never will) he continues to look for something the will grant him the ability to do so
From just a minute of talking to Torrin, you can tell that he is not that intelligent. He mutters to himself, and dosent talk that maturely. He can write and read to a certain degree, But dosent like to do it often. Although he favours other Lizardmen over any of the other races, he doesn't disrespect them.... Unless he was told to hunt them.