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Tarias Faelivrin

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ith his 183cm, Tarias is probably neither especially small, nor especially tall for his kind. His slender, yet athletic build makes it seem as though he doesn't do any hard physical labor, but still works on maintaining a certain physique. His very slightly tanned skin appears smooth and even and only the scars in the shape of flames that cover his lower left arm appear to disrupt this.

Only rarely can Tarias be seen wearing armor. More often, he can be seen wearing regular clothes that look - much like the elf himself - very well groomed. The only accessory the elf is wearing, is a plain white leather choker around his neck.

Tarias' facial features are a mixture of youthful softness and sharp, aristocratic lines.
He looks at the world around him with a curious, open expression from his almond shaped, green-blue eyes.

The gentle smile on his lips and his often dreamy expression lend the elf a sort of youthful charm.
This impression is reinforced by the very long, white-blonde hair and the strands of it that sometimes fall in front of his forehead in an unruly manner.

While working, he often hums a happy tune