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anduk is a mid size man of usual power. He has shor brown hair. His youth has been gone.

During his long jurneys he wear an apparent worthless coat over a light armor. There is at least one sword in his belt. Usis it shows a very long time of training and experience.

His unfathomable expression are interrupted by roguish smiling brown eyes. You can be shure to see a much more living face, if there is anywere the sound or shine of coins.

His prays are directed to Irmorom and Malachin together.

You will not find him at a single place over long time. He choose the companion for his excursions very carefully. Mainly he walks alown.

He is a member of the Gynkeesh trading house of Robberhauf.


Story of the character


There is not much known about Banduk Robberhauf in Gynkeesh. He was born as 2nd son of Baldur Andreas and worked as apprentice in his fathers company.
He married a daughter of a farm lord and had 2 nearly adult daughters (Sienna und Marietta).
Once his brother Berthold became head of the parental trading house, he took over the lead of a branch in a famous harbor town. This branch is managed by an intimate of Berthold meanwhile.

Words spread that he served a quite long time of his life not in the parental company. There is no other trading house known, where he has been possibly during the missing years.
Banduk married when Marietta has been nearly 2 years old. Nevertheless he called her his daughter.

His 2nd marriage with an elf seems followed by discord with his brother. More or less considerable sources talk that Berthold prohibited him to use the name of Robberhauf furthermore. It is told, that it became very loud that day in the Robberhauf house in Gynkeesh. After that time the name Robberhauf el Luasteley is heard often in Gobaith.

Banduk told he has been on a trip together with his family. Pirates capture and sunk the ship under captain Treshwatr (an orc, known to his family). How he reached Trolls Bane, he can not remember. He believes that Treshwatr must have an agreement with the enemy.

Over days and month he searched at each borderline as well as inside of the forests and mountains for any trace of his family or the ship. Both stay lost.
After a long time, he traveled back to Gynkeesh and informed his belongings about the tragedy from face to face.

About a year after his first steps on the isle, he opened a branch of the families trading house in Gobaith and adopt Miriam Kleefeld as daughter in law. He became citizen of Trolls Bane.

Miriam has to become a student in a higher level school in Falmahar (Skalmeria) a year later.

In year 21 He build and open a warehouse direct at the market place of Trolls Bane. Furthermore he filled his entire life with work and concentrates himself to become the most famous and best merchant of the town.

It takes nearly 10 years until he becomes ready for new relationships. He found Shandra, a young elf in trouble and helped her. It doesn’t take much time until both call each other daughter and father.

Falling in love to the elf Liasany el Luastelay changes much in his life. Both married and at 05. Olos 32 there daughter Anteru sees the light of the day.
Banduk add the family name of his wife to his own and call the trading house „Robberhauf el Luastelay“ from now.

After the fall of Gobaith he settled in Runewick but moved soon to Galmair to protect his family against religious zealots.

At the 3. Naras 42 Liasany gave birth to his twins Nilay and Nayeli.