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Rakust Dorenstkzul

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117 years
16. Malas 58 BW

Currently offline

Description of the character


e is 112 years old and was born on 16. Malas 59 BW

He is incredibly muscular with layers of fat over it. His hair is short. he has a husky accented voice. his deeply sunken green eyes have thick irises. his ears are fuselobed and somewhat splayed out, his nose bridge is convex. his low eyebrows are thin. his somewhat broad head is somewhat tall. his dark peach skin is slightly wrinkled. His hair is red.

He is indefatigable and mighty, but incredibly slow to heal and susceptible to disease

Rakust Dorenstkzul likes olivine, the colour taupe, rat bone, greaves, cows for their haunting moos and tentacle demons for their corrupt intentions. When possible he prefers to consume two humped camel's milk. He absolutely detests elves.

He has an iron will, but has little patience, an iffy memory and a poor ability for social relationships.

He is quick to anger, he often overindulges, he doesn't handle stress well, he is often given to procrastination, he would never deny his own needs just to compromise with someone else, he is candid and sincere in his dealings with others, he is disorganised. he yawns when he is thinking, he needs alcohol to get through the working day and does not mind working outdoors, at least for a time. he doesn't really care about anything anymore.

A short, sturdy creature, fond of drink and industry.


Story of the character

Rakust Dorenstkzul has been content recently, he has witnessed death, he was forced to endure the decay of a spouse, he was forced to endure the decay of a child, he was comforted by a pet recently, he had a truly decadent drink lately. he was forced to talk to somebody annoying recently, he had a satisfying sparring session lately. he complained about the lack of chairs recently