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Titus Marcelius

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in midlife

Currently offline

Description of the character

He is short and slim person with a dark eyes. Usually he wears a simple red shirt. Under a shirt he wears a haircloth made of a coarse goat hair. On his neck hangs a pendant with a copy of a relic, a wooden finger. He keeps a religious book hanged on an iron chain to his belt. On his head he wears an iron rim to protect him against magic.


Story of the character


is father was a poor albarian member of the gentry class. Actually Titus born in an old knights family. As a second son, Titus could not have chance to take over his father's farm and he had go travel to find luck somewhere in the world. First he appeared on Gobaith, but soon that island drown, then he moved with survivors to this region of Illarion. He used to be through a short time Protector of Zhambra's temple in Cadomyr, by consent of one of the local nobles. Titus was doing his duties as Protector living still in Runewick. After a drama rised up by another noble, what had impact to Queen's decision he was banished from Cadomyrian's temple of Zhambra. He lost access to to that place and this decision is still in the legal force. After that time he lived in Yewdale, where he ran office, but because of low interesting between people of the region to settle in that village he decided again to move. In that time when he tried to attract people to Yewdale, Titus was attempting to form organization for mercenaries under his lead as a new attempt after lack of desire to join the Fellowship of Saint Cornelius, that he created before and still manages. Later he had returned to Runewick, where he earns his money, and he still tried to participate in politics, but with the low results. After 1st Adras 56 Titus moved to Galmair disappointed the situation in Runewick.